Gremlins Exposed: Shining a Light on Mischievous Systems

Friday, December 09, 2022 - 9:30 am–10:00 am AEDT

Thomas Cuthbert


Despite our best efforts, the services we are operate will occasionally show signs of mischievous gremlins—even if kept dry and fed before midnight!

Overcoming natural instinct is not easy, years of experience has served us well up until now; however, when faced with unknown and complicated gremlins, assumptions and reactive thinking lead to wasted time chasing red-herrings.

While adhering to a structured and methodical process, together we'll develop our personal gremlin hunting style by running through some common scenarios and figuring out: What's the right tool for the job, Do I scratch the surface or dig deep, Where should I look for useful information, and How do I ask for help?

Thomas Cuthbert, Canonical

Thomas is an SRE at Canonical for the APAC region. His curiosity and drive to understand the deeper meaning of things has been a catalyst for the engineering of a personal problem solving style worth sharing!

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