How Can We Make Data Integrity Easy?

Thursday, December 08, 2022 - 2:20 pm2:50 pm AEDT

Adrian Ratnapala, Google


If you keep valuable data, then you want to look after it. So you probably already know all about backups. And you probably also know that don't need backups but you need restores, and that you don't need restores but you need recovery.

But if you've heard all that before, you've probably also heard that you need plans, test, automation, metrics, and... a whole lot of hard stuff. Hard stuff is hard work, so maybe (I'll keep your secret), you don't all those ducks lined up.

Let's talk about why all this is so hard, and what databases, tools and frameworks can do for you to make easy. So that you really can keep you valuable data with the care it deserves.

Adrian Ratnapala, Google

Dr. Adrian Ratnapala is a Site Reliability Engineer who has worked on storage systems at Google for six years; which is to say, he is fanatical about being a good custodian of other peoples' data. Dr Ratnapala has also been an embedded-systems software engineer, and a quantum physicist. Dr Ratnapala is an experienced professional nerd with a working knowledge of numerical analysis, optics, electronics, the integration of complex hardware/software systems, distributed computing and really, really, really, big data.

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