Improving Observability, Reliability, and Security of Relational Database Ecosystem

Thursday, December 08, 2022 - 11:00 am12:00 pm AEDT

Sundar Raman Ganesh, LinkedIn


As SREs who offer MySQL as a service to developers, we were presented with the challenge of providing support when applications hit connection limits or performance bottlenecks due to incorrect client side configurations or other resource constraints. To solve these operational problems, we developed a set of custom wrappers over open-source and native MySQL client libraries to provide observability into the client drivers and pools, in order to be able to quickly identify issues and mitigate them. In this we talk, we discuss the following

  • Benefits of introducing observability into database clients
  • Key metrics to monitor on application clients of databases
  • Improving service availability with client side intelligence

Further, we speak on how we improved security of our services by developing a custom server plugin for MySQL that performs authentication using mTLS.

Sundar Raman Ganesh, LinkedIn

Sundar has been working in the Internet industry for the last 5 years working with mail systems, web servers, containers and databases. Over the last couple of years has worked extensively on improving resiliency of relational database systems at LinkedIn. He is passionate about building automations that work at scale.

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