Computing Performance 2022: What's on the Horizon

Wednesday, December 07, 2022 - 9:10 am10:10 am AEDT

Brendan Gregg


The constant drive for faster computing performance introduces new hardware and software components for the SRE team to manage, observe, monitor, alert, and consider for capacity planning. This session tours the current state for major technologies, discussing performance improvements underway that you may soon be adopting and managing. Topics include processors (including 3D stacking and cloud vendor CPUs), memory (including DDR5 and HBM), disks (including 3D Xpoint), networking (including QUIC and XDP), hypervisors (including lightweight VMs: Firecracker and Cloud Hypervisor), AI-based auto tuning, and more. The future of performance is increasingly cloud-based, with hardware hypervisors and custom processors, observability down to cycle stalls (even as cloud guests), high-speed syscall-avoiding applications (eBPF, FPGAs, and io_uring), and AI-based auto tuning. This session provides ideas for improving performance, reducing latency, and meeting SLOs, and also provides opinions from a performance engineering expert with predictions for the future.

Brendan Gregg[node:field-speakers-institution]

Brendan Gregg is an internationally renowned expert in computing performance. He is an Intel Fellow, focusing on cloud computing performance and eBPF. Previously based in the US where he worked for Netflix and Sun Microsystems, he authored Systems Performance and BPF Performance Tools (Addison-Wesley), and received the USENIX LISA Outstanding Achievement award. He has delivered industry-leading performance for various products, and created widely used performance tools, methodologies, and visualizations, including flame graphs. His work is the basis for multiple startups.

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