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    Moving Large Workload from a Public Cloud to an OpenStack Private Cloud: Is It Really Worth It?SREcon16Nicolas Brousse
    The Evolution of Global Traffic Routing and FailoverSREcon16Aaron Heady
    Privacy Reliability Engineering: Looking at Privacy through the Lens of SRESREcon16Amber Yust
    Stepping Up to ScaleSREcon16
    Finding the Order in ChaosSREcon16
    SRE at a Start-Up: Lessons from LinkedInSREcon16Craig Sebenik
    Mapping a Service-oriented ArchitectureSREcon15 EuropePeter Bourgon
    Building A Billion User Load BalancerSREcon15 EuropePatrick Shuff
    Signatures, Patterns, and Trends: Timeseries Data Mining at EtsySREcon15 EuropeAndrew Clegg
    Bad Machinery— Managing Interrupts Under LoadSREcon15 EuropeDave O'Connor
    Prometheus: A Next-Generation Monitoring System (Workshop)SREcon15 EuropeJulius Volz, Björn Rabenstein
    Configuration Pinocchio: The Lies Plainly Seen and the Quest to Be a Real DisciplineSREcon15 EuropeAndre Masella
    Facebook Cache Invalidation PipelineSREcon15 EuropeMelita Mihaljevic
    Going Off the Rails: Infrastructure Outage PlanningSREcon15 EuropeMatt Provost
    Dr NMS or: How Facebook Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NetworkSREcon15 EuropeJose Leitao, David Rothera
    Operational Software DesignSREcon15 EuropeTheo Schlossnagle
    Debugging and Extending Distributed Coordination SystemsSREcon15 EuropeRaúl Gutiérrez Segalés
    Distributed Consensus Algorithms for Extreme ReliabilitySREcon15 EuropeLaura Nolan
    Hardware PanelSREcon15 Europe
    Running Open Compute Hardware in Facebook's Data CentersSREcon15 EuropeJoel Kjellgren
    Perimeter Management at SpotifySREcon15 EuropeAlexey Lapitsky
    Continuous Pipelines at GoogleSREcon15 EuropeDan Dennison
    Prometheus: A Next-Generation Monitoring System (Talk)SREcon15 EuropeBjörn Rabenstein, Julius Volz
    Distributed Teams and Successful Remote EngineeringSREcon15 EuropeAvleen Vig
    PostOps: Recovery from OperationsSREcon15 EuropeTodd Underwood