Let's Build a Distributed File System

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 2:00 pm3:00 pm

Sanket Patel, LinkedIn


Let's explore something that we use and rely on every day. The file systems. Typical and distributed.

We first will look at a typical file system, the architectural components and how they all work together when you perform a read or write. We then will take those components and evolve that into a distributed file system architecture. While the architectures we'll explore will not be of a specific file system, they will be generic enough to be relatable with many file system implementations that exist today.

We also will then implement a tiny distributed file system in Python to see all those components playing together in action. Please note that this will be a very simple, minimal example, not suitable for real usage. If you are a file system hacker, this session will be too basic for you.

Sanket Patel, LinkedIn

Sanket is currently a Site Reliability Engineer with LinkedIn where he is working on Capacity Engineering initiative. He previously worked with Directi where he took care of Hadoop infrastructure, metrics, monitoring, and incident management pipelines. He is also into cycling and blogging.

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