Automating OS/Platform Upgrades for Service Owners

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 5:00 pm5:30 pm

Rodrigo Menezes and Adam McKenna, Pinterest Inc


Ever burned out or even quit your job after an arduous migration? Keeping up to date with operating systems versions, runtimes like Docker or JDK, and new instance types are a significant source of toil. The complexity increases when we consider several hundred microservices across tens of thousands of machines. At Pinterest, we've had multiple migrations that have gone on YEARS beyond their original schedule, hurting developer productivity and morale. In this talk, we analyze the reasons behind these failures, share our learnings, and demonstrate our pipeline for automating upgrade validation and deployment.

Rodrigo Menezes, Pinterest

Rodrigo Menezes is a member of the Core Site Reliability Engineering team at Pinterest. While at Pinterest, his main focus has been on Docker and creating applications to support running Pinterest's stateless prod infrastructure in a container. Outside of work, Rodrigo loves rock climbing, surfing, and anything outdoors, as well as working on various DIY projects.

Adam McKenna, Pinterest

Adam works on the Core SRE team at Pinterest, primarily collecting tech debt and developing automation tools with a focus on developer experience. He has over 25 years experience with Linux and other Unix-like operating systems, including several years as a member of the Debian project. As a hybrid systems engineer/administrator and coder, he was naturally attracted to DevOps work. Outside of work, he is a gardener, gamer and father of 3 boys.

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