SRE Then vs SRE Now: A Balancing Act between Reflexes and Intuitive Instincts at PayPal

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 12:00 pm12:30 pm

Shyam Sunder VR and Deepa Elumalai, PayPal India Pvt Ltd


Conceived and embarked on in 2009, PayPal's SRE has been the A-team that has been a significant factor in PayPal's ability to serve millions of users, day in and day out. It has aided PayPal in becoming and remaining one the most trusted payment solutions the industry has ever seen. This talk will attempt to build a narrative around the transformation that PayPal SRE has gone through with milestones that are truly remarkable and ahead of the curve.

Shyam Sunder VR, PayPal India Pvt Ltd

11+ years of a roller coaster ride of fun, experience and hunger to explore the depths and breadths of technology and a long, vibrant SRE stint, a proponent of "Get More with Less Code" ideology, creating code that looks, feels, and breaths poetic simplicity but delivers a punch. Having tasted the waters of the Spring (Java) and having travelled the Express (Nodejs) highway, I am now starting to delve into the expanses of Machine and Deep learning. Netflix and novels complete me.

Deepa Elumalai, PayPal India Pvt Ltd

Deepa Elumalai is a technologist with over 14 years of experience in software development. She is a passionate problem solver and machine learning enthusiast with a heightened desire to explore technology. She's a strong advocate of the "automate everything possible" ideology. It all started with her journey at HCL where she built simulators and automation test frameworks to automate protocol testing for VoIP devices. Her next venture saw her gain strong PayPal domain expertise as a Site Reliability Engineer and with her problem-solving savviness, she spearheaded the team and built Snap, an "Auto Triage Platform" to troubleshoot incidents and alerts. She explored technologies, brought in insights to triage data by applying machine learning techniques. This transformed the platform to pronounce accurate triage results with very quick response time. She loves cooking and enjoys playing cricket and football with her two adorable sons!

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