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    Care and Feeding of SRESREcon17 EuropeNarayan Desai
    And the CFO Wept: AWS Cost ControlSREcon17 EuropeCorey Quinn
    Monitoring Cloudflare's Planet-Scale Edge NetworkSREcon17 EuropeMatt Bostock
    Run Less Software; Use Less BitsSREcon17 EuropeRich Archbold
    Avoiding and Breaking Out of Capacity PrisonSREcon17 EuropeJake Welch
    Distributed Systems, Like It or NotSREcon17 EuropeTheo Schlossnagle
    Postmortem Action Items: Plan the Work and Work the PlanSREcon17 EuropeJohn Lunney
    Building an On-Premise Kubernetes Cluster For a Large Web ApplicationSREcon17 EuropeDaniel Turner
    Incident Management and Chatops at ShopifySREcon17 EuropeDaniella Niyonkuru
    Hiring SREs May Be Literally ImpossibleSREcon17 EuropeChris Sinjakli
    The History of How We Came to BeSREcon17 EuropeNiall Richard Murphy
    Gamifying Reliability Excellence—The Service Score CardSREcon17 EuropeDaniel Lawrence
    Startup Systems Εngineer's Instruction ManualSREcon17 EuropeEffie Mouzeli
    Reducing MTTR and False Escalations: Event Correlation at LinkedinSREcon17 EuropeMichael Kehoe
    Cognitive Bias and On-CallSREcon17 EuropeNiall Richard Murphy
    Resiliency Testing with ToxiproxySREcon17 EuropeJake Pittis
    OK Log: Distributed and Coördination-Free LoggingSREcon17 EuropePeter Bourgon
    Capturing and Analyzing Millions of Queries without Any OverheadSREcon17 EuropeKarthik Appigatla, Basavaiah Thambara
    InStream: Large Scale Distribution using BitTorrent, Python, Salt, and KafkaSREcon17 EuropeHarsh Sharma
    Standing On the Shoulders of Giants: Unleashing the Power of Scriptable Load BalancersSREcon17 EuropeEmil Stolarsky
    Profiling Node ApplicationsSREcon17 EuropeSasha Goldshtein
    Lightning Talks VideoSREcon17 Europe
    LinkedIn SRE: From Inception to Global ScaleSREcon17 AsiaBruno Connelly, Viji Nair
    Scaling Reliability at Dropbox: Our Journey towards a Distributed Ownership ModelSREcon17 AsiaSat Kriya Khalsa
    Operationalizing DevOps TeachingSREcon17 AsiaJohn Contad, Matt Witherow