Productionizing Machine-Learning Services: Lessons from Google SRE

Thursday, June 07, 2018 - 1:20 pm2:15 pm

Salim Virji and Carlos Villavieja, Google


Have you thought that your model trained on a Monday might not work on Saturday? Or that the model that you trained on users in Florida might not work for all Spanish-speaking users? In this talk, we present lessons learned from deploying and productionizing ML systems across various products at Google.

Salim Virji, Google

Salim Virji is a Site Reliability Engineer at Google, where he has built distributed compute, consensus, and storage systems.

Carlos Villavieja, Google

Carlos Villavieja is a Computer Architect/Researcher working as a Software/Site Reliability Engineer at Google. He works on Storage optimizations and his interests vary from micro-architecture to machine learning.

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