Scaling Yourself for Managing Distributed Teams Delivering Reliable Services

Friday, June 08, 2018 - 10:00 am10:55 am

Paul Greig, Atlassian


Distributed teams are an attractive proposition for your customers, your services, your team and you. They provide extended coverage hours, co-location with development teams, increased talent pools and a never-ending sense of fragility.

I've been working and leading distributed teams in a variety of industries, most recently within SRE at Atlassian. Join me whilst I reflect on the collaboration techniques to keep distributed teams connected globally while delivering world-class distributed systems to millions of customers across the world. I'll share my insights and reflections on the successes and failures I've experienced throughout joining, leading & building SRE teams.

From this talk I aim for a new or existing team lead of a distributed SRE team to hear my personal reflections and experience with tools and techniques to aid their teams and ultimately assist their services and customers to unleash their full potential.

Paul Greig, Atlassian

Paul began his career in finance and operations in the late 90's. He then moved into technology and specifically trading technology and reliability. Next, he flew into the world of hedge funds, ensuring the reliability of high-frequency ultra low latency trading engines and market data from the world's stock exchanges. For the last 5 years, he's been at Atlassian and currently leads multiple groups ensuring reliability for the JIRA and Confluence Cloud services used by Atlassian's customers.

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