What Makes a Good SRE: Findings from the SRE Survey

Wednesday, 29 August, 2018 - 11:2012:00

Dawn Parzych, Catchpoint


Site Reliability Engineering is a relatively new discipline when it comes to careers, having only been in existence for about 15 years. While 15 years may seem like an eternity, the SRE role can be considered to be in its infancy. This leads to challenges defining the role and understanding exactly what it is. Browsing through job descriptions or speaking with other SREs you will see many different job descriptions and responsibilities.

Earlier this year Catchpoint conducted a survey of 416 professionals with the title or responsibility of an SRE in an attempt to create a real-world profile of the SRE and the organizations where they work. This session will review the findings of the survey. Learn what the top technical and non-technical skills are, and whether they vary by industry or size of the company. What surprised us with the findings? What additional questions arose analyzing the results? And how can the survey results be used to help organizations building out an SRE team.

Dawn Parzych, Catchpoint

Dawn is a Director at Catchpoint where she uses her storytelling prowess to write and speak about the intersection of technology and psychology. She makes technical information accessible avoiding buzzwords and jargon whenever possible. Dawn has spoken at DevOpsDays, Velocity, Interop, and Monitorama. Her articles have appeared in numerous technical publications. She uses her non-existent spare time to organize web performance meetups and serve as a chapter organizer for Write/Speak/Code, a non-profit organization to empower women and non-binary coders to become speakers, writers, and leaders.

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