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    Availability, Latency, and Cost: Withstanding Regional OutagesSREcon18 EuropeAaron Blohowiak
    Lightning TalksSREcon18 Europe
    The Silver Lining Consortium: Post-Mortems for the Rest of UsSREcon18 EuropeNiall Murphy
    Data Protection Update and Tales from the Introduction of the GDPRSREcon18 EuropeSimon McGarr
    Y2K and Other Disappointing Disasters: Risk Reduction and Harm MitigationSREcon18 EuropeHeidi Waterhouse
    Characterizing and Understanding Phases of SRE PracticesSREcon18 AsiaKurt Andersen
    A Theory and Practice of Alerting with Service Level ObjectivesSREcon18 AsiaJamie Wilkinson
    What Makes a Good SRE: Findings from the SRE SurveySREcon18 EuropeDawn Parzych
    Building Successful SRE in Large Enterprises—One Year LaterSREcon18 AmericasDave Rensin
    The History of Fire EscapesSREcon18 AmericasTanya Reilly
    Breaking in a New Job as an SRESREcon18 AmericasAmy Tobey
    Resolving Outages Faster with Better Debugging StrategiesSREcon18 AmericasLiz Fong-Jones, Adam Mckaig
    Leveraging Multiple Regions to Improve Site Reliability: Lessons Learned from Jet.comSREcon18 AmericasAndrew Duch
    Operational Excellence in April Fools’ Pranks: Being Funny Is Serious Work!SREcon18 AmericasThomas Limoncelli
    Automatic Metric Screening for Service DiagnosisSREcon18 AmericasYu Chen
    Your System Has Recovered from an Incident, but Have Your Developers?SREcon18 AmericasJaime Woo
    Architecting a Technical Post MortemSREcon18 AmericasWill Gallego
    Building Shopify's PaaS on KubernetesSREcon18 AmericasKaran Thukral
    Distributed Tracing, Lessons LearnedSREcon18 AmericasGina Maini
    Approaching the Unacceptable Workload BoundarySREcon18 AmericasBaron Schwartz
    "Capacity Prediction" instead of "Capacity Planning": How Uber Uses ML to Accurately Forecast Resource UtilizationSREcon18 AmericasRick Boone
    Junior Engineers Are Features, Not BugsSREcon18 AmericasKate Taggart
    Security as a ServiceSREcon18 AmericasWojciech Wojtyniak
    Containerization War StoriesSREcon18 AmericasRuth Grace Wong, Rodrigo Menezes
    Antics, Drift, and ChaosSREcon18 AmericasLorin Hochstein