Ensuring Reliability of High-Performance Applications

Thursday, June 07, 2018 - 10:00 am10:55 am

Anoop Nayak, LinkedIn


This talk goes a bit beyond the traditional SRE tasks. It throws light into the story of LinkedIn Lite which is now the default mobile web experience in the developing countries. We start with describing the product constraints and how as an SRE we help in debugging, monitoring and often contributing code into the product in order to make sure its highly reliable, available and performant.

We start with how we have a hybrid model of both SSR(Server Side Rendering) and CSR(Client Side Rendering) which makes the application load fast i.e under 6 seconds and perform smoothly on even low end devices. We also share our experiences on implementing the Progressive Web Application, its merits and also the risk involved. We also evaluate whether this level of performance is possible with javascript frameworks.

And then we dive into the Android app whose size is half of the default Hello World application on android. It also emphasizes on how SREs can contribute to a production level mobile application code. Finally we also see how we can monitor "lite" applications(applications which are primarly webview based) and optimize webview based applications.

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