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    Lightning Talks 2SREcon17 Americas
    Don't Call Me Remote! Building and Managing Distributed TeamsSREcon17 AmericasTony Lyon
    Engineering Reliable Mobile ApplicationsSREcon17 AmericasKristine Chen
    Killing Our Darlings: How to Deprecate SystemsSREcon17 AmericasDaniele Sluijters
    It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine): Engineering for Crisis Response at ScaleSREcon17 AmericasMatthew Simons
    Zero Trust Networks: Building Trusted Systems in Untrusted NetworksSREcon17 AmericasDoug Barth, Evan Gilman
    How to Work with Technical WritersSREcon17 AmericasDiane Bates
    DNSControl: A DSL for DNS as Code from StackOverflow.comSREcon17 AmericasTom Limoncelli, Craig Peterson
    Lyft's Envoy: Experiences Operating a Large Service MeshSREcon17 AmericasMatt Klein
    Principles of Chaos EngineeringSREcon17 AmericasCasey Rosenthal
    Root Cause, You're Probably Doing It WrongSREcon17 AmericasTJ Gibson
    Building Real Time Infrastructure at FacebookSREcon17 AmericasJeff Barber, Shie Erlich
    Feedback Loops: How SREs Benefit and What Is Needed to Realize Their PotentialSREcon17 AmericasPooja Tangi
    Anomaly Detection in Infrequently Occurred PatternsSREcon17 AmericasDong Wang
    Postmortem Action Items: Plan the Work and Work the PlanSREcon17 AmericasSue Lueder, Betsy Beyer
    Panel: Training New SREs (continued)SREcon17 AmericasRuth Grace Wong, Katie Ballinger, Saravanan Loganathan, Rita Lu, Craig Sebenik, Andrew Widdowson
    Reducing MTTR and False Escalations: Event Correlation at LinkedInSREcon17 AmericasMichael Kehoe
    The Road to ChaosSREcon17 AmericasNora Jones
    Panel: Training New SREsSREcon17 AmericasRuth Grace Wong, Katie Ballinger, Saravanan Loganathan, Rita Lu, Craig Sebenik, Andrew Widdowson
    Breaking Things on PurposeSREcon17 AmericasKolton Andrus
    Tune Your Way to Savings!SREcon17 AmericasSandy Strong, Brian Martin
    Making the Most of Your SRE Toolbox: Bootstrapping Your SRE Team through ReuseSREcon17 AmericasMark Duquette, Tom Schmidt
    How Robust Monitoring Powers High Availability for LinkedIn FeedSREcon17 AmericasRushin Barot
    I'm Putting Sloths on the MapSREcon17 AmericasPreetha Appan
    BPerf— Cloud Profiling on ProductionSREcon17 AmericasMukul Sabharwal