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    Tech Leadership in SRESREcon17 EuropeSean Rees
    When Trouble Comes to TownSREcon17 EuropeMichael Gorven
    Building a Culture of ReliabilitySREcon17 EuropeArup Chakrabarti
    Case Study: Lessons Learned from Our First Worldwide OutageSREcon17 EuropeYoav Cohen
    From Firefighting to Proactive Work: the Journey of a Small Infrastructure Team in a Hyper Growth EnvironmentSREcon17 EuropeAlex Gerlic
    Incident Command at the EdgeSREcon17 EuropeLisa Phillips
    Traffic Steering using Rum DNS @ LinkedInSREcon17 EuropeAbhijeet Rastogi
    Use Load Testing to Build a Proper Mental Model of Your ServiceSREcon17 EuropeJohn Looney
    Show Me the RIGHT Numbers! Are Our Users Happy?SREcon17 EuropePerry Statham
    The Dangers of Being Overly-ParanoidSREcon17 EuropeIngrid Epure
    Want to Solve Over-Monitoring and Alert Fatigue? Create the Right Incentives!SREcon17 EuropeKishore Jalleda
    Make Haste Slowly: Balancing SRE Diligence in Urgency Driven OrganizationsSREcon17 EuropeJason Hiltz-Laforge
    SRE Your gRPC—Building Reliable Distributed Systems (Illustrated with GRPC)SREcon17 EuropeGrainne Sheerin, Gabe Krabbe
    Globalizing SRE in a Walkup CultureSREcon17 EuropeBill Lincoln, Matt Coleman
    Diversity and Inclusion in SRE: A PostmortemSREcon17 EuropeNiall Richard Murphy
    Care and Feeding of SRESREcon17 EuropeNarayan Desai
    And the CFO Wept: AWS Cost ControlSREcon17 EuropeCorey Quinn
    Monitoring Cloudflare's Planet-Scale Edge NetworkSREcon17 EuropeMatt Bostock
    Run Less Software; Use Less BitsSREcon17 EuropeRich Archbold
    Avoiding and Breaking Out of Capacity PrisonSREcon17 EuropeJake Welch
    Distributed Systems, Like It or NotSREcon17 EuropeTheo Schlossnagle
    Postmortem Action Items: Plan the Work and Work the PlanSREcon17 EuropeJohn Lunney
    Building an On-Premise Kubernetes Cluster For a Large Web ApplicationSREcon17 EuropeDaniel Turner
    Incident Management and Chatops at ShopifySREcon17 EuropeDaniella Niyonkuru
    Hiring SREs May Be Literally ImpossibleSREcon17 EuropeChris Sinjakli