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    Extending the Error Budget Model to Security and Feature FreshnessSREcon19 AmericasJim Thomson, David Laing
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    Testing in Production at ScaleSREcon19 AmericasAmit Gud
    The Ops in ServerlessSREcon19 AmericasJennifer Davis
    Benefits of Taking the Less Traveled Road with Containers InfrastructureSREcon19 AmericasEduard Iacoboaia
    Capacity Prediction in External ServicesSREcon19 AmericasJerome Kraus
    Aperture: A Non-Cooperative, Client-Side Load Balancing AlgorithmSREcon19 AmericasRuben Oanta
    What Breaks Our Systems: A Taxonomy of Black SwansSREcon19 AmericasLaura Nolan
    Lightning TalksSREcon19 Americas
    Ethics in SRESREcon19 Asia/PacificLaura Nolan, Theo Schlossnagle
    Ironies of Automation: A Comedy in Three PartsSREcon19 Asia/PacificTanner Lund
    Yes, No, Maybe? Error Handling with gRPC ExamplesSREcon19 Asia/PacificGráinne Sheerin
    High Availability Solution for Large Scale Database SystemsSREcon19 Asia/PacificGuowei Zeng
    Building a Scalable Network Event Executor Using GOSREcon19 Asia/PacificMarek Denis