Traps and Cookies

Tanya Reilly, Google


Does your production environment expect perfect humans? Does technical debt turn your small changes into minefields? This talk highlights tools, code, configuration, and documentation that set us up for disaster. It discusses commons traps that we can disarm and remove, instead of spending precious brain cycles avoiding them. And it offers practical advice for sending your future self (and future coworkers!) little gifts, instead of post-mortems that just say “human error :-(”. Includes stories of preventable outages. Bring your schadenfreude.

Tanya Reilly, Google

Tanya Reilly has been a Systems Administrator and Site Reliability Engineer at Google since 2005, working on low level infrastructure like distributed locking, load balancing, bootstrapping and monitoring systems. Before Google, she was a Systems Administrator at, Ireland's largest ISP, and before that she was the entire IT Department for a small software house.

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