Focal Impact: The Service Pyramid

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 11:50am12:15pm

Michael Elkin, Facebook


The Service Pyramid is a framework based on the hierarchy of of needs - with a service oriented focus. It's used by Production Engineers at Facebook to navigate a sea of tasks and mountains of work by giving clear guidance on what relative priorities different kinds of work get. Using this guidance we can avoid common pitfalls, gauge how mature the reliability of a service is, and help divide work between PE's and other disciplines. 

Come learn about how one team of Production Engineers have been applying the Service Pyramid in the Datacenter space: engaging with DCIM, Controls, Mechanical, and Electrical engineers to build better monitoring & automation.

Michael Elkin, Facebook

Production Engineer at Facebook; responsible for an untold number of server reboots and once successfully managed to blame the network.

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