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    Netflix: 190 Countries and 5 CORE SREsSREcon16Jonah Horowitz
    Building Reliable Social Infrastructure for GoogleSREcon16Marc Alvidrez
    SREs + Software Engineers: Making It WorkSREcon16Nina Schiff
    Debugging Distributed SystemsSREcon16Donny Nadolny
    Incident Management and Chatops @ Netflix Feat ScorebotSREcon16Al Tobey
    Monitoring the UnmeasureableSREcon16Jennifer Davis
    Doorman: Global Distributed Client Side Rate LimitingSREcon16Jos Visser
    Using Salt to Make Infrastructure Consumable (Tasty, Even)SREcon16Warren Turkal
    Go for SREs Using PythonSREcon16Andrew Hamilton
    A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer to Technical Decision-Making SREcon16Charity Majors
    Putting Together Great SRE TeamsSREcon16Kripa Krishnan
    Server Provisioning in an IPv6 Only WorldSREcon16Matthew Almond
    Shopping Event ReliabilitySREcon16Jun Liu
    Lightning TalksSREcon16
    SRE: It’s People All the Way DownSREcon16Lex Neva, Courtney Eckhardt
    Running Consul at Scale—Journey from RFC to ProductionSREcon16Darron Froese
    Panel: SRE ManagersSREcon16
    Terraform at AdobeSREcon16Kelvin Jasperson
    The Art of Performance MonitoringSREcon16Brian Smith
    Transforming Tier 1 Caterpillars to ButterfliesSREcon16Nina Mushiana
    Avoiding Cascading Failures at eBay?SREcon16Craig Fender, Ravindra Punati
    Less Alarming Alerts!SREcon16Robert Treat
    Shaping Reality to Shape Outcomes: Making SRE Work with Uber GrowthSREcon16Tom Croucher
    Panel: Who/What Is SRE?SREcon16
    Performance Checklists for SREsSREcon16Brendan Gregg