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    SRE Your gRPC—Building Reliable Distributed Systems (Illustrated with gRPC)SREcon17 AsiaGrainne Sheerin, Gabe Krabbe
    Distributed Scheduler HellSREcon17 AsiaMatthew Campbell
    Golang's GarbageSREcon17 AsiaAndrey Sibiryov
    Managing Capacity @ LinkedInSREcon17 AsiaAnuprita Harkare
    InnoDB to MyRocks Migration in Main MySQL Database at FacebookSREcon17 AsiaYoshinori Matsunobu
    Capacity Planning and Flow ControlSREcon17 AsiaJun Zhang, Jiajiang Lin
    Azure SREBot: More than a Chatbot—an Intelligent Bot to Crush Mitigation TimeSREcon17 AsiaCezar Guimaraes
    Canary in the Internet MineSREcon17 AsiaBrook Shelley
    Merou: A Decentralized, Audited Authorization ServiceSREcon17 AsiaLuke Faraone
    Accept Partial Failures, Minimize Service LossSREcon17 AsiaDaxin Wang
    Automated Troubleshooting of Live Site IssuesSREcon17 AsiaSriram Srinivasan
    Testing for DR Failover TestingSREcon17 AsiaZehua Liu
    Event Correlation: A Fresh Approach towards Reducing MTTRSREcon17 AsiaRenjith Rajan, Rajneesh
    "A Unit Test Would Have Caught This:" Small, Cheap, and Effective Testing for Production EngineersSREcon17 AsiaAndrew Ryan
    Measuring the Success of Incident Management at AtlassianSREcon17 AsiaGerry Millar
    Managing Changes Seamlessly on Yahoo's Hadoop Infrastructure ServersSREcon17 AsiaVineeth Vadrevu
    Didi: How to Provide a Reliable Ridesharing ServiceSREcon17 AsiaMing Hua, Lin Tan
    Good, Better, Best, Mobile User ExperienceSREcon17 AsiaFred Wu
    Draining the Flood—A Combat against Alert FatigueSREcon17 AsiaYu Chen
    Reliable Launches at ScaleSREcon17 AsiaSebastian Kirsch
    Talking to an OpenStack Cluster in Plain EnglishSREcon17 AsiaWei Xu
    A Scheduling Framework For Large-Scale Based on AnsibleSREcon17 AsiaAiZhen Chen
    Open-Falcon: A Distributed and High-Performance Monitoring SystemSREcon17 AsiaYao-Wei Ou, Wei Lai
    Graphite@Scale or How to Store Millions of Metrics per SecondSREcon17 AsiaVladimir Smirnov
    Managing Server Secrets at Scale with a Vaultless Password ManagerSREcon17 AsiaIgnat Korchagin