Building a Scalable Network Event Executor Using GO

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 3:00 pm3:30 pm

Marek Denis, Facebook


With ever increasing growing networks, automation plays a critical role. We want engineers to have time to work on exciting projects versus staring at graphs 24/7 and reacting to events.

In this talk, we provide an introduction on how our monitoring and remediation systems work; we will also describe the initial steps on how to build a simple remediation system—scalable machinery that can watch for symptoms of errors/failures and react to these in a pre-defined way.

We will cover not only architecture, but also give recommendations on how to keep the system scalable. The talk will present a walkthrough of an open source system (URL Hidden) written in GO—a static typing language with concurrency built in its philosophy. To finish the presentation, we will do a live demo of the system.

Marek Denis, Facebook

Marek Denis is a member of the Production Engineering team for the Network org at Facebook. His responsibilities include maintaining, monitoring, and improving the global production network infrastructure with automation and synthetic traffic probing systems.

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