Enhance Your Python Code beyond GIL

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 5:00 pm5:30 pm

Nitin Bhojwani, Priya Pandian, and Arabinda Das, VMware


In this talk, we'll present the audience on what is GIL, why is it there in first place and how can we enhance our code for better performance of I/O and compute intensive tasks. Along with that, a brief introduction and usage of AsyncIO will be given for the I/O & Network intensive tasks.

Nitin Bhojwani, VMware

Nitin Bhojwani has experience of around 5 years working in Python, in which he has worked on various scalable web applications. He has 2+ years of experience working as SRE for VMware Cloud on AWS. He has been contributing to scripts execution framework and unified UI for all the SRE services. He likes Python and keeps exploring better ways of getting things done in Python.

Priya Pandian, VMware

I have 15+ years of industry experience and many years at EMC in streamlining and standardizing processes based on comprehensive knowledge of build and release tools engineering techniques. My experience has imparted continuous on the job training to the associates for enhancing their productivity and operational efficiencies through knowledge enhancement and skill building. Currently moved into the role of SRE, incident manager and also managing SRE teams for the new VMware service offering VMC on AWS. My personal passion is to automate anything and everything that demands human touch.

Arabinda Das, VMware

I have 12+ yrs of experience in the software industry, mostly in cloud application development. I have worked with various products and SaaS services which function at scale in distributed environment with global presence.

In the last 2 years I have been working with VMware as SRE engineer for VMC on AWS. We build the framework for remediation and troubleshooting service, which executes automated distributed remote actions on the software defined data centers based on VMware's infrastructure virtualization.

I like to spend time exploring new technology and frameworks for SaaS development and contribute towards them.

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