The MTTR Chronicles: Evolution of SRE Self Service Operations Platform

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 10:00 am10:30 am

Jason Wik, Jayan Kuttagupthan, and Shubham Patil, VMware


Running a Cloud Platform reliably comes with its own set of challenges. Irrespective of the source of solution used, In-House or Off-The-Shelf, with the Incident Management spread across integrated systems, it is easy to lose sight of the latent issues. Impact Assessment, Communication & Coordination to add in to the mix.

Being an SRE is a tough job since the SRE is expected to know almost all aspects of software delivery. The life of an SRE becomes easier & empowered when equipped with the right set of tools.

Join us at our talk and we'll walk you through our experience of building a SRE Operations Platform for VMware Managed Cloud on AWS. We'll talk about how we have combined Automation, Monitoring and Incident Management under a single umbrella to drive down MTTR, increase productivity, tools to effectively communicate fleet-wide health to incident managers and customer success engineers and above all, reducing the toil of an SRE.

Jason Wik, VMware

I have been focused on service reliability and operating services at scale for 20+ years. My experience has been shaped by the challenges of engineering and supporting many large global services. I am the Director of the VMC SRE teams for the VMWare Managed Cloud on AWS service. Defining and measuring service health is one of my areas of passion.

Jayan Kuttagupthan, VMware

I am into software development since 9 years contributing to both backend and front end development. I am an SRE for VMware Managed Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) contributing to the development of Automation & Reporting platforms. My current interest is exploring around how ML, Deep Learning, and AI can contribute to the SRE arena.

Shubham Patil, VMware

I currently work on problems ranging from Service Health Measurement to developing Scalable Automation Platforms for VMware Managed Cloud. In the past, I have worked on VMware's ESXi Kernel to optimize schedulers and memory management in the hypervisor. In my spare time, I like playing around with Distributed Systems Design and Artificial Intelligence problems.

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