TCP—Architecture, Enhancements, and Tuning

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 11:00 am12:00 pm

Dinesh Dhakal, LinkedIn


This talk will dive deep into the workings of one of the crucial internet protocols, the Transmission Control Protocol, and further highlight the challenges around it. We will discuss the architecture and design principles that led to the development of the protocol, followed by the detailed study of its workings covering the 3-way handshake, the sliding window mechanism and how TCP achieves reliability and congestion control. Moreover, there have been various enhancements and extensions that have been proposed over the years that have led to better efficiency of the protocol in multiple scenarios. We will then discuss the possible improvements in speed and efficiency that can be achieved easily by tuning a few parameters available to us today.

Dinesh Dhakal, LinkedIn

Dinesh Dhakal is a Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn currently working with the Data SRE team in Bangalore. In his previous capacities, he was a Software Engineer with Juniper Networks, where he developed a feature for L2 protocols on Junos. He also worked briefly with the OSPF team at Cisco where he designed and developed the APIs to implement the IETF YANG model for OSPF. Outside of work, he is a foodie, a voracious reader, loves to travel, and can banter about anything under and beyond the sun.

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