Edge Computing: The Next Frontier for Distributed Systems

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 10:00 am10:30 am

Martin Barry, Fastly


Over the years the prevalence of distributed systems has grown, driven by everything from database replicas through load-balanced resource pools to geographically redundant services.

Cloud computing has also changed the way we think about, and implement, distributed systems. Whether the components are at the level of infrastructure (VMs), services (datastores) or even single bits of software ("serverless") we need to consider the benefits and tradeoffs our solution embodies.

The next step in this evolution is "edge computing," where cloud services are offered as close to the client as is reasonable. This brings obvious benefits in reducing latency but also exacerbates most of the usual distributed systems problems to extreme levels.

Martin Barry, Fastly

Martin has many years of experience operating systems and networks, leading projects and teams, scaling fast-growing companies. He has worked in many corners of the industry, from hosting to fintech, enterprise SaaS to CDN.

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