Open-Falcon: A Distributed and High-Performance Monitoring System

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 3:30pm4:25pm

Yao-Wei Ou, Wifire; Wei Lai, Didi Corporation


There are already many outstanding open-source monitoring systems. However, with rapid growing businesses and specific requirements of internet companies, the existing open-source monitoring systems are not better enough on performance and scalability. 

Under the situation, Open-Falcon’s main distinguishing features compared to other monitoring system are: 

  • Scalability: Scalable monitoring system is necessary to support rapid business growth. Each module of Open-Falcon is super easy to scale horizontally. 
  • Performance: With RRA(Round Robin Archive) mechanism, the one-year history data of 100+ metrics could be returned in just one second. 
  • High Availability: No criticle single point of failure, easy to operate and deploy. 
  • Flexibility: Falcon-agent has already 400+ built-in server metrics. Users can collect their customized metrics by writing plugins or just simply run a script/program to relay metrics to falcon-agent. 
  • Efficiency: For easier management of alerting rules, Open-Falcon supports strategy templating, inheritance, and multiple alerting method, and callback for recovery. 
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Open-Falcon could present multidimensional graph, including user-defined dashboard/screen.

Yao-Wei Ou, Wifire

Yao-Wei Ou is the director of Wifire oversea R&D center. Before he joined 21Vianet Group(NASDAQ: VNET), he worked on 360 total security at Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU). Yao-Wei has a Master degree in Computer Science from Taiwan University. He has accumulated various developing experience such as Windows kernel driver and UI, Android RenderScript framework, iOS Applications, LLVM compiler and distributed system. Since 2015 he joined Fastweb, he leads the development of CDN monitoring system in Fastweb and is a core member of Open-Falcon organization.

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