A Scheduling Framework For Large-Scale Based on Ansible

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 4:30pm4:55pm

AiZhen Chen, Qiniu Cloud


This subject introduces how to use Ansible to build a distributed scheduling framework, to achieve the operation and maintenance platform for tens of thousands of nodes of the data collection and task distribution and other large-scale scheduling operations. By subdividing the interface layer, distributed scheduling layer, driver layer,to realize Data collection and task distribution for the underlying operating system, storage, network.And by modifying the Ansible source code to solve business incoming parameters judgment.

AiZhen Chen, Qiniu Cloud

Chen AiZhen is an expert in cloud computing and is a docker product manager at Qiniu Cloud, where she designs large scale computer operation platforms and is responsible for a number of cloud projects. She has many years of computer operations management experience as well as rich experience with the PaaS platform architecture design, automated operation, and maintenance.

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