Hiring SREs May Be Literally Impossible

Thursday, 31 August, 2017 - 16:3017:00

Chris Sinjakli, SRE at GoCardless


If we're gonna do this SRE thing, we need to find the right people to do it.

After a few recent discussions, it became clear just how much everyone—at large companies and small—is struggling to find those people.

You can barely get enough applicants in the door, and by the time you've run your interview process you're left making a handful of offers.

Hiring SREs from the outside world is a competitive, expensive game to play. So why focus so much on people outside your company? You've got potential SREs sat all around you!

In this talk, we'll set the scene with a little look at the realities of hiring SREs. We won't stay there for too long though, because that's not what's going to save us!

The bulk of the talk will be spent looking at ways to discover budding SREs in your organisation, how to nurture their interest, and how to coach them in a role that's new to them.

Chris Sinjakli, SRE at GoCardless

Chris enjoys all the weird bits of computing that fall between building software users love and running distributed systems reliably. All his programs are made from organic, hand-picked, artisanal keypresses.

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