SREcon17 Europe/Middle East/Africa Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions (BoFs)

SREcon17 Europe/Middle East/Africa BoF Schedule

Lead or attend a BoF! Meet with your peers! Present new work! Don't miss these special activities designed to maximize the value of your time at the conference. Birds-of-a-Feather sessions are very informal gatherings of persons interested in a particular topic.

Scheduling a BoF

It's not too late! To schedule a BoF, simply write the BoF title as well as your name and affiliation on the BoF board located in the registration area. If you have a description of your BoF you'd like posted on this Web page, please schedule your BoF on the BoF board, then send its title, the organizer's name and affiliation, and the date, time, and location of the BoF to with "SREcon17 Europe BoF" in the subject line.

Wednesday, 30 August
ROOM CAPACITY 18:00–19:30 19:30–21:00
Lansdowne Room 300 Tales from Production
John Looney, Intercom, and Kurt Andersen, LinkedIn
Building SRE in small orgs
Chris Sinjakli, GoCardless
Pembroke Room 300 Burnout and Work-Life Balance
Rune Kristian Viken, Schibsted
SRENOG: Networking skills for SREs
Murali Suriar, Google
Meeting Rooms 1+2 65 State of SRE: Share Your Successes and Challenges
Jason Koppe, Indeed
Meeting Room 8 20 #Sparkly devops princess
(ye obligatory gender minority meetup)
Liz Fong-Jones, Google
Meeting Room 9 36
Thursday, 31 August
ROOM CAPACITY 19:30–21:00
Lansdowne Room 300 The SRE Book
Niall Richard Murphy and Betsey Beyer, Google
Pembroke Room 300 Psychological Safety in SRE
John Looney, Intercom
Meeting Rooms 1+2 65 Developing Software Skills
Matt Coleman
Meeting Room 8 20
Meeting Room 9 36

BoF Descriptions

Burnout and Work-Life Balance
Rune Kristian Viken, Schibsted
Wednesday, 30 August, 18:00–19:30, Pembroke Room

View the BoF summary notes (Google Doc).

State of SRE: Share Your Successes and Challenges
Jason Koppe, Indeed
Wednesday, 30 August, 18:00–19:30, Meeting Room 1+2

Many companies are adopting SRE. SREcon is a fabulous way to learn about how others in the industry are implementing and approaching SRE. We learn about some companies through talks, and others through networking. This BoF has two aims: a) share our companies successes and challenges in implementing SRE and b) consider if the industry would benefit from having a survey and white paper (similar to the State of DevOps survey and white paper).