Doing Things the Hard Way

Wednesday, June 06, 2018 - 1:25 pm1:50 pm

Chris Sinjakli, SRE at GoCardless


Our discipline is one of tropes and maxims—the commoditisation of infrastructure, the golden signals of monitoring, the breaking down of barriers spurred by DevOps.

Surely there are mistakes we won't make again. Surely we've left the bad times behind.

Some mistakes are just too tempting to avoid.

Motivated by examples from GoCardless—a company founded in 2011—we'll explore three failure modes:

  • dividing product and infrastructure teams early in the company's life
  • pinning our hopes on the big rework that never arrives
  • forgetting the basics of SRE while seeking out hard problems

We'll explore what makes each failure mode so tempting, what it might look like if you're experiencing it, and approaches to dig yourself out.

Chris Sinjakli, SRE at GoCardless

Chris enjoys all the weird bits of computing that fall between building software users enjoy and running distributed systems reliably. All his programs are made from organic, hand-picked, artisanal keypresses.

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