Open Source Firmware at Facebook: Design, Deployment, and Demos

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 4:00 pm5:00 pm

Andrea Barberio and David Hendricks, Facebook


In 2018 we set out to improve our boot and provisioning flow by turning our Linux engineers into firmware engineers and leveraging open source in our firmware stack. In this talk, we'll share some of the progress we've made to develop, deploy, and test open source firmware, as well as some of the difficulties and successes. In particular, we will cover provisioning, advances in measured boot, platform bring-up, and a new open-source system testing framework.

Andrea Barberio, Facebook

Andrea is a Production Engineer at Facebook, where he worked on the DNS infrastructure, cluster lifecycle automation, OS provisioning and in the last year on open source system firmware. In his past lives, Andrea worked on the design and development of large scale network monitoring systems for AWS, embedded firmware development, pentesting, offensive security trainings, reverse engineering, and computer forensics.

David Hendricks, Facebook

David got his first taste of BIOS tweaking as a kid overclocking gaming PCs and was drawn into the coreboot world where he learned real firmware hacking. Since then he's developed, deployed, and advocated for open source firmware as part of Google's ChromeOS team and more recently as part of Facebook's infrastructure team.

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