Safe Client Behaviour

Wednesday, June 06, 2018 - 10:05 am11:00 am

Ariel Goh, Google


Ubiquitous compute power has created frequent impedance mismatches between client capabilities and server capacity in distributed systems. Careful client behaviour design protects the server from unintended load and enables safe recovery after outages. These techniques improve resiliency both in microservice environments (where they protect microservices from each other) and in more traditional client-server environments (where a large number of clients such as mobile phone apps might be stacked against a comparatively small number of servers.)

Attendees will learn how to identify types of requests that are potentially unsafe. They will learn about the effects of unsafe client behaviour on the server, demonstrated with pseudocode samples and simulations of the behaviour. They will learn how to modify client behaviour with techniques like back-off and jitter to achieve better results on the server side.

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