The Bloomberg Story: Building SRE Teams in an "Immeasurable" Organisation

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 12:00 pm12:30 pm

Stig Sorensen, Bloomberg LP


Changing culture is hard and cannot be done overnight. This is the story of our "not so straight" path to building SRE teams at Bloomberg. In this presentation, I will share some practical tips to help others avoid some of the initial challenges we had, to smooth your path to implementing SRE teams, and ultimately improving your organisation.

Stig Sorensen, Bloomberg LP

I’m a Bloomberg veteran who started his career as a financial software developer by building trading systems in the early 2000s. Looking back, the team I started on then would be called an SRE team today, so I can say that built a solid foundation. After 12 years of building software and software teams in the Trading Systems department, I moved to manage a new Production Visibility group responsible for Telemetry and inventory management tools, as well as serving as the executive sponsor for the SRE movement across our Engineering department.

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