Is Our Team as Resilient as Our Systems?

Tuesday, 25 October, 2022 - 16:3017:00 CEST

Effie Mouzeli, Wikimedia Foundation


Are our teammates learning from each other? Are our teammates comfortable to ask literally anything? Does our team have heroes? Are they overwhelmed? Are our new members getting the support they need to succeed? Are new members living up to the team’s expectations? Is our team growing but not scaling? Most importantly, is our team ready for future challenges and changes?

Our organisations may set their own sets of skills and characteristics that define us as SREs, but we must not forget: The path that led each one of us here, is different, and we need our paths to converge. In this talk, we will discuss what threatens an SRE team's well-being, as well as what we can do to bring some balance, and make it resilient for the future.

Effie Mouzeli, Wikimedia Foundation

Effie studied Physics, and Distributed Scientific Computing, but didn't turn out to be a physicist or a scientific computer scientist. In previous roles, she worked at small organisations as a general purpose systems engineer, either solo or in small teams. Currently, she is a Site Reliability Engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation, focusing on Mediawiki and friends.

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