Eventually Consistent Service Discovery

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019 - 14:3015:00

Suhail Patel, Monzo


Traditionally, service discovery has leaned towards strong consistency. If you are querying an endpoint, ideally you don't have to deal with split brain on the set of active healthy nodes. This talk will demonstrate how systems such as Envoy are shifting away from the strong consistency coordinator model and making a strong separation with not having service discovery in the hot path of the data plane.

We will be covering systems like Zookeeper and Raft from first principles to discuss how systems like Kafka and Etcd handle their service discovery. We will talk about the practicals of scaling systems like Envoy for tens of thousands of endpoints in a constantly shifting environment.

Suhail Patel, Monzo

Suhail is a Backend Engineer at Monzo focused on working on the core Platform. His role involves building and maintaining Monzo's infrastructure which spans more than 1000 microservices and leverages key infrastructure components like Kubernetes, Cassandra, Etcd, Envoy Proxy and more.

He focuses specifically in investigating deviant behaviour and ensuring services continue to work reliably in the face of a constantly shifting environment in the cloud.

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