A Customer Service Approach to SRE

Thursday, 3 October, 2019 - 16:0016:45

John Looney, Facebook


SREs are highly technical people, and have a bias toward technical solutions to technical problems. They enjoy well crafted APIs that they can build solid SLAs around, and allow teams work out where a problem lies.

This strength can hide an antipattern; being able to tell ourselves that our system is OK, it's everyone else who has the problem. This talk will take some case-studies from Facebook's "Server Lifecycle" team, to show how engineers can pretend that the systems they have built are perfect, and that it's actually the rest of the world that is to blame for misusing them.

I will talk about how the team used a customer service ethos to redesign their metrics, their service and the support methods, to build something that really served its customers.

John Looney, Facebook

John Looney has been an SRE since 2005, working with large distributed systems for Google and Facebook. He enjoys teaching SRE concepts with concrete examples. His day job is supporting teams that manage and deploy operating systems and firmware for Facebook.

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