SRE by Influence, Not Authority: How the New York Times Prepares for Large-Scale Events

Thursday, 3 October, 2019 - 09:4510:30

Vinessa Wan and Brett Haranin, The New York Times


How do you SRE in a large decentralized organization where development teams manage their own deployments and infrastructure? In this session, we’ll cover how we formed our team at The New York Times and our rationale behind it, talk through our challenges, and how we leveraged an incident to kick off Elections readiness, our largest SRE effort to date.

Attendees will understand how we organized this effort and integrated our team to partner with application teams. We will detail how we increased reliability through a combination of architecture reviews, monitoring improvements, and stress testing.

Vinessa Wan, The New York Times

Vinessa Wan has been working in project management for the past 10 years. In her past 5 years at The New York Times, she has worked in R&D, product discovery, and now oversees the SRE and internal tooling & automation portfolio.

Brett Haranin, The New York Times

Brett Haranin Brett Haranin has been working as a software engineer and tech lead at various companies, large and small, for the last 17 years. Currently, he works as an SRE at The New York Times and is focused on helping teams mature the security and reliability of their systems. In his spare time, Brett is an avid beekeeper and helps develop IoT systems for beehive monitoring.

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