Being Reasonable about SRE

Wednesday, 2 October, 2019 - 14:0014:30

Vítek Urbanec, Unity Technologies


When companies try to adopt SRE they're often just following a trend. They're doing so without previous analysis of the situation, expecting magic to start happening from day one. By the time they learn that this step hasn't really given them what they hoped for, there's a ton of frustration and bad taste. Let's look at how to explore what SRE is going to be doing in your company and how to build strong relationships with other teams.

Vit Urbanec, Unity Technologies

Vítek has joined the SRE movement with a background of systems architecture, consulting and infrastructure automation. He likes bridging the gap between the operations and service owners to get the most out of the DevOps ideals. He also leads the Unity DevMetal band in Helsinki.

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