Control Theory for SRE

Wednesday, 2019, October 2 - 14:0014:30

Ted Hahn, TCB Technologies, and Mark Hahn, Ciber Global


Control Theory is a long and well-studied discipline in engineering. Nearly every large scale industrial process has dedicated control engineers, creating and maintaining safety and quality systems by assuring that parameters remain within bounds—or alert appropriately.

This session will teach you how to create a PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) controller to autoscale your Kubernetes deployment based on a custom target. This controller ensures smooth scale-up and scale down.

Ted Hahn, TCB Technologies

Ted Hahn is a experienced Site Reliability Engineer, having worked at Google, Facebook and Uber, and most recently having been the primary SRE for Houseparty - Maintaining an infrastructure used for thousands of QPS by millions of users in a company of less than 50.

Mark Hahn, Ciber Global

Mark Hahn is the Director of the DevOps Practice at Ciber Global where he enables teams and organizations to deliver applications faster and with higher quality in a digitally connected world.

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