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USENIX is fully committed to the Open Access to research movement. To that end, all videos of conference technical session presentations are now available to the general public on the USENIX website shortly after they take place. In addition, we have offered free online access to conference proceedings since 2008. Visit our proceedings page to check out the latest papers.

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    Introducing Reliability Toolkit: Easy-to-Use Monitoring and AlertingLISA18Janna Brummel, Robin van Zijll
    SLO Burn—Reducing Alert Fatigue and Maintenance Cost in Systems of Any SizeLISA18Jamie Wilkinson
    The Beginning, Present, and Future of SysadminsLISA18
    Junior Engineers Are Features, Not BugsSREcon18 EuropeKate Taggart
    Can I Tell You a Secret? I See Dead SystemsSREcon18 EuropeAvishai Ish-Shalom
    SRE for Good: Engineering Intersections between Operations and Social ActivismSREcon18 EuropeLiz Fong-Jones, Emily Gorcenski
    The Myth of Cloud AgnosticismSREcon18 EuropeCorey Quinn
    Deploying SRE Training Best Practices to Production: What We Learned (a.k.a. Strapping Jetpacks on Unicorns, the Postmortem)SREcon18 EuropeJennifer Petoff
    Observability for Emerging Infra: What Got You Here Won't Get You ThereSREcon18 EuropeCharity Majors
    Keep Building Fresh: Shopify's Journey to KubernetesSREcon18 EuropeNiko Kurtti
    What Medicine Can Teach Us about Being On-CallSREcon18 EuropeDaniel Turner
    Delete This: Decommissioning Servers at ScaleSREcon18 EuropeAnirudh Ra
    This IS NOT Fine: Putting Out (Code) FiresSREcon18 EuropeEmily Freeman
    Scalable Coding—Find the ErrorSREcon18 EuropeIgor Ebner de Carvalho
    The Nth Region Project: An Open RetrospectiveSREcon18 EuropeAndrew Bloomgarden
    Tradeoffs in Resiliency: Managing the Burden of Data RecoverabilitySREcon18 EuropeKristina Bennett
    Lessons Learned—Data Driven Hiring 3 Years LaterSREcon18 EuropeChris Stankaitis
    Capacity Planning in Four Parts: Telling the Future without a Crystal BallSREcon18 EuropeEvan Smith
    I’m SRE and You Can Too!—A Fine Manual for Migrating Your Organization to the New HotnessSREcon18 EuropeBlake Bisset, Jonah Horowitz
    SRE Team LifecyclesSREcon18 EuropeStephen Thorne
    Real World SLOs and SLIs: A Deep DiveSREcon18 EuropeMatthew Flaming, Elisa Binette
    Ethics in ComputingSREcon18 EuropeTheo Schlossnagle
    The Math behind Project Scheduling, Bug Tracking, and TriageSREcon18 EuropeAvery Pennarun
    Canarying Well: Lessons Learned from Canarying Large PopulationsSREcon18 EuropeŠtěpán Davidovič
    Clearing the Way for SRE in the EnterpriseSREcon18 EuropeDamon Edwards