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    GuardedErase: Extending SSD Lifetimes by Protecting Weak WordlinesFAST '22Duwon Hong, Myungsuk Kim, Geonhee Cho, Dusol Lee, Jihong Kim
    DEPART: Replica Decoupling for Distributed Key-Value StorageFAST '22Qiang Zhang, Yongkun Li, Patrick P.C. Lee, Yinlong Xu, Si Wu
    ScaleXFS: Getting scalability of XFS back on the ringFAST '22Dohyun Kim, Kwangwon Min, Joontaek Oh, Youjip Won
    Operational Characteristics of SSDs in Enterprise Storage Systems: A Large-Scale Field StudyFAST '22Stathis Maneas, Kaveh Mahdaviani, Tim Emami, Bianca Schroeder
    Practicably Boosting the Processing Performance of BFS-like Algorithms on Semi-External Graph System via I/O-Efficient Graph OrderingFAST '22Tsun-Yu Yang, Yuhong Liang, Ming-Chang Yang
    CacheSifter: Sifting Cache Files for Boosted Mobile Performance and LifetimeFAST '22Yu Liang, Riwei Pan, Tianyu Ren, Yufei Cui, Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Xianzhang Chen, Changlong Li, Tei-Wei Kuo, Chun Jason Xue
    DedupSearch: Two-Phase Deduplication Aware Keyword SearchFAST '22Nadav Elias, Philip Shilane, Sarai Sheinvald, Gala Yadgar
    FusionFS: Fusing I/O Operations using CISCOps in Firmware File SystemsFAST '22Jian Zhang, Yujie Ren, Sudarsun Kannan
    Removing Double-Logging with Passive Data Persistence in LSM-tree based Relational DatabasesFAST '22Kecheng Huang, Zhaoyan Shen, Zhiping Jia, Zili Shao, Feng Chen
    NyxCache: Flexible and Efficient Multi-tenant Persistent Memory CachingFAST '22Kan Wu, Kaiwei Tu, Yuvraj Patel, Rathijit Sen, Kwanghyun Park, Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau, Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau
    25 Years of Storage Research and Education: A RetrospectiveFAST '22Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau
    Generating Realistic Wear Distributions for SSDsFAST '22
    O-AFA : Order Preserving All Flash Array for Journaling FilesystemFAST '22
    Exploring Data Deduplication in LSM Tree-based Key-Value StoresFAST '22
    A Combinatorial Writing Scheme for High Throughput DNA-based Data StorageFAST '22
    Overcoming Capacitance Constraints in SSDFAST '22
    Understanding Configuration Issues in Storage SystemsFAST '22
    Early experience of Utilizing Persistent Memory for Database Bulk LoadingFAST '22
    An Analysis of Data Corruption in the Storage StackFAST '22
    An Open-Source Taxonomy for Ex-ante PrivacyEnigma 2022Cillian Kieran
    The Global Privacy Control: Exercising Legal Rights at ScaleEnigma 2022Justin Brookman
    Healthcare Ecosystem: Security's Role in Helping HealthTech Find Its WayEnigma 2022Joy Forsythe
    Fireside Chat with Sheera FrenkelEnigma 2022Bob Lord, Sheera Frenkel
    The Security Team at the Top: The Board of DirectorsEnigma 2022Anthony Vance
    Covenants without the Sword: Market Incentives for Security InvestmentEnigma 2022Vaibhav Garg