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USENIX is fully committed to the Open Access to research movement. To that end, all videos of conference technical session presentations are now available to the general public on the USENIX website shortly after they take place. In addition, we have offered free online access to conference proceedings since 2008. Visit our proceedings page to check out the latest papers.

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    ElasticBF: Elastic Bloom Filter with Hotness Awareness for Boosting Read Performance in Large Key-Value StoresUSENIX ATC '19Yongkun Li, Chengjin Tian, Fan Guo, Cheng Li, Yinlong Xu
    Mitigating Asymmetric Read and Write Costs in Cuckoo Hashing for Storage SystemsUSENIX ATC '19Yuanyuan Sun, Yu Hua, Zhangyu Chen, Yuncheng Guo
    Supporting Security Sensitive Tenants in a Bare-Metal CloudUSENIX ATC '19Amin Mosayyebzadeh, Apoorve Mohan, Sahil Tikale, Mania Abdi, Nabil Schear, Trammell Hudson, Charles Munson, Larry Rudolph, Gene Cooperman, Peter Desnoyers, Orran Krieger
    SemperOS: A Distributed Capability SystemUSENIX ATC '19Matthias Hille, Nils Asmussen, Pramod Bhatotia, Hermann Härtig
    Pangolin: A Fault-Tolerant Persistent Memory Programming LibraryUSENIX ATC '19Lu Zhang, Steven Swanson
    MArk: Exploiting Cloud Services for Cost-Effective, SLO-Aware Machine Learning Inference ServingUSENIX ATC '19Chengliang Zhang, Minchen Yu, Wei Wang, Feng Yan
    QZFS: QAT Accelerated Compression in File System for Application Agnostic and Cost Efficient Data StorageUSENIX ATC '19Xiaokang Hu, Fuzong Wang, Weigang Li, Jian Li, Haibing Guan
    OPTR: Order-Preserving Translation and Recovery Design for SSDs with a Standard Block Device InterfaceUSENIX ATC '19Yun-Sheng Chang, Ren-Shuo Liu
    M³x: Autonomous Accelerators via Context-Enabled Fast-Path CommunicationUSENIX ATC '19Nils Asmussen, Michael Roitzsch, Hermann Härtig
    Effective Static Analysis of Concurrency Use-After-Free Bugs in Linux Device DriversUSENIX ATC '19Jia-Ju Bai, Julia Lawall, Qiu-Liang Chen, Shi-Min Hu
    Data Domain Cloud Tier: Backup here, backup there, deduplicated everywhere!USENIX ATC '19Abhinav Duggal, Fani Jenkins, Philip Shilane, Ramprasad Chinthekindi, Ritesh Shah, Mahesh Kamat
    NICA: An Infrastructure for Inline Acceleration of Network ApplicationsUSENIX ATC '19Haggai Eran, Lior Zeno, Maroun Tork, Gabi Malka, Mark Silberstein
    EdgeWise: A Better Stream Processing Engine for the EdgeUSENIX ATC '19Xinwei Fu, Talha Ghaffar, James C. Davis, Dongyoon Lee
    Transkernel: Bridging Monolithic Kernels to Peripheral CoresUSENIX ATC '19Liwei Guo, Shuang Zhai, Yi Qiao, Felix Xiaozhu Lin
    Track-based Translation Layers for Interlaced Magnetic RecordingUSENIX ATC '19Mohammad Hossein Hajkazemi, Ajay Narayan Kulkarni, Peter Desnoyers, Timothy R Feldman
    Tangram: Bridging Immutable and Mutable Abstractions for Distributed Data AnalyticsUSENIX ATC '19Yuzhen Huang, Xiao Yan, Guanxian Jiang, Tatiana Jin, James Cheng, An Xu, Zhanhao Liu, Shuo Tu
    PostMan: Rapidly Mitigating Bursty Traffic by Offloading Packet ProcessingUSENIX ATC '19Panpan Jin, Jian Guo, Yikai Xiao, Rong Shi, Yipei Niu, Fangming Liu, Chen Qian, Yang Wang
    Practical Erase Suspension for Modern Low-latency SSDsUSENIX ATC '19Shine Kim, Jonghyun Bae, Hakbeom Jang, Wenjing Jin, Jeonghun Gong, Seungyeon Lee, Tae Jun Ham, Jae W. Lee
    NeuGraph: Parallel Deep Neural Network Computation on Large GraphsUSENIX ATC '19Lingxiao Ma, Zhi Yang, Youshan Miao, Jilong Xue, Ming Wu, Lidong Zhou, Yafei Dai
    StreamBox-TZ: Secure Stream Analytics at the Edge with TrustZoneUSENIX ATC '19Heejin Park, Shuang Zhai, Long Lu, Felix Xiaozhu Lin
    A Retargetable System-Level DBT HypervisorUSENIX ATC '19Tom Spink, Harry Wagstaff, Björn Franke
    MTS: Bringing Multi-Tenancy to Virtual NetworkingUSENIX ATC '19Kashyap Thimmaraju, Saad Hermak, Gabor Retvari, Stefan Schmid
    SmartDedup: Optimizing Deduplication for Resource-constrained DevicesUSENIX ATC '19Qirui Yang, Runyu Jin, Ming Zhao
    Apache Nemo: A Framework for Building Distributed Dataflow Optimization PoliciesUSENIX ATC '19Youngseok Yang, Jeongyoon Eo, Geon-Woo Kim, Joo Yeon Kim, Sanha Lee, Jangho Seo, Won Wook Song, Byung-Gon Chun
    Ethics in SRESREcon19 Asia/PacificLaura Nolan, Theo Schlossnagle