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    Rethinking Data Minimization from a User-Centered Approach: A Paradigm ShiftPEPR '23Tanusree Sharma
    Privacy for All: Achieving Inclusive Privacy in the Digital Age PEPR '23Sri Pravallika Maddipati, Norbert Nthala
    Protecting User Privacy in Private Set Intersection: A Journey Toward Mitigating User TrackingPEPR '23Jian Du
    Towards the Deployment of Secure Computation Tools in Genomics: A Sociotechnical PerspectivePEPR '23Natnatee "Ko" Dokmai
    Securing and Standardizing Data Rights Requests with a Data Rights ProtocolPEPR '23Ryan Rix
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    Privacy in the Public Sector: Lessons Learned and Strategies for SuccessPEPR '23Alan Tang, Anshu Singh