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    Fine-Grained Isolation for Scalable, Dynamic, Multi-tenant Edge CloudsUSENIX ATC '20
    Efficient Miss Ratio Curve Computation for Heterogeneous Content PopularityUSENIX ATC '20
    Lock-free Concurrent Level Hashing for Persistent MemoryUSENIX ATC '20
    Optimizing Memory-mapped I/O for Fast Storage DevicesUSENIX ATC '20
    A Comprehensive Analysis of Superpage Management Mechanisms and PoliciesUSENIX ATC '20
    Can Applications Recover from fsync Failures?USENIX ATC '20
    Effectively Prefetching Remote Memory with LeapUSENIX ATC '20
    DupHunter: Flexible High-Performance Deduplication for Docker RegistriesUSENIX ATC '20
    OSCA: An Online-Model Based Cache Allocation Scheme in Cloud Block Storage SystemsUSENIX ATC '20
    go-pmem: Native Support for Programming Persistent Memory in GoUSENIX ATC '20
    End the Senseless Killing: Improving Memory Management for Mobile Operating SystemsUSENIX ATC '20
    Firefly: Untethered Multi-user VR for Commodity Mobile DevicesUSENIX ATC '20
    Daydream: Accurately Estimating the Efficacy of Optimizations for DNN TrainingUSENIX ATC '20
    Reexamining Direct Cache Access to Optimize I/O Intensive Applications for Multi-hundred-gigabit NetworksUSENIX ATC '20
    Platinum: A CPU-Efficient Concurrent Garbage Collector for Tail-Reduction of Interactive ServicesUSENIX ATC '20
    A Cloud Gaming Framework for Dynamic Graphical Rendering Towards Achieving Distributed Game EnginesHotCloud '20James Bulman, Peter Garraghan
    A New LSM-style Garbage Collection Scheme for ZNS SSDsHotStorage '20Gunhee Choi, Kwanghee Lee, Myunghoon Oh, Jongmoo Choi, Jhuyeong Jhin, Yongseok Oh
    Towards Supporting Millions of Users in Modifiable Virtual Environments by Redesigning Minecraft-Like Games as Serverless SystemsHotCloud '20Jesse Donkervliet, Animesh Trivedi, Alexandru Iosup
    Ultra-Low Latency SSDs' Impact on Overall Energy EfficiencyHotStorage '20Bryan Harris, Nihat Altiparmak
    AI4DL: Mining Behaviors of Deep Learning Workloads for Resource ManagementHotCloud '20Josep L. Berral, Chen Wang, Alaa Youssef
    Need for a Deeper Cross-Layer Optimization for Dense NAND SSD to Improve Read Performance of Big Data Applications: A Case for Melded PagesHotStorage '20Arpith K, K. Gopinath
    Say Goodbye to Off-heap Caches! On-heap Caches Using Memory-Mapped I/OHotStorage '20Iacovos G. Kolokasis, Anastasios Papagiannis, Polyvios Pratikakis, Angelos Bilas, Foivos Zakkak
    Spotnik: Designing Distributed Machine Learning for Transient Cloud ResourcesHotCloud '20Marcel Wagenländer, Luo Mai, Guo Li, Peter Pietzuch
    Differentiating Cache Files for Fine-grain Management to Improve Mobile Performance and LifetimeHotStorage '20Yu Liang, Jinheng Li, Xianzhang Chen, Rachata Ausavarungnirun, Riwei Pan, Tei-Wei Kuo, Chun Jason Xue
    Model-Switching: Dealing with Fluctuating Workloads in Machine-Learning-as-a-Service SystemsHotCloud '20Jeff Zhang, Sameh Elnikety, Shuayb Zarar, Atul Gupta, Siddharth Garg