Data Access Automation at Scale

Monday, September 11, 2023 - 3:45 pm4:00 pm

Miró Khalifa, Meta


The right for users to obtain a copy of their personal data is a fundamental privacy expectation that should be respected, even as the data is stored in various systems and databases supported by many engineering teams.

In this talk, we describe a reliable system built to enable self-service data access for users across Meta's applications. We focus on utilizing data annotations and schematization to automate data access decisions, ensuring the protection of user data access rights while optimizing the engineering time required to create new products and features.

Miró Khalifa, Meta

Miró is a software engineer in the privacy team at Meta. He previously led the Data Protection Services team at Dell and holds an MSc in Computer Engineering and Systems. At Meta, his focus is on building automation for privacy expectations, particularly in the area of Data Access. He ensures the reliability of the infrastructure and promotes widespread enforcement of privacy solutions while optimizing engineering time.

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