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    True Crime Journalism: CyberEnigma 2023Joseph Menn, Lily Hay Newman, Alfred Ng
    Building an Automated Machine for Discovering Privacy Violations at ScaleEnigma 2023Suchakra Sharma
    Technical Metamorphosis: The 3 Stages of DSAR AutomationEnigma 2023Alon Levy
    Meaningful Hardware Privacy for a Smart and Augmented FutureEnigma 2023Marcus Hodges
    Privacy Policies, by Lawyers, for Lawyers. What about Everyone Else? HotSec '19
    Enigma 2023
    Hannah Poteat, Holly Hogan, Miju Han, Emily Jones, Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna
    Open Source Software and Journalism: Field Notes from a Global PerspectiveEnigma 2023Harlo Holmes
    So You're Going to Blow the Whistle? Communications Dos and Don'ts for Whistleblowers.Enigma 2023Emily Schwartz
    Protecting Whistleblower InformationEnigma 2023Shanna Devine
    Understanding Trust and Security Processes in the Open Source Software EcosystemEnigma 2023Dominik Wermke
    Why Is Our Security Research Failing? Five Practices to Change!Enigma 2023Marcus Botacin
    What Public Interest AI Auditors Can Learn from Security Testing: Legislative and Practical WinsEnigma 2023Justin Brookman
    Metric Perversity and Bad Decision-MakingEnigma 2023Lea Kissner
    The Not Fake News HourEnigma 2023Riana Pfefferkorn
    A New Process to Tackle Misinformation on Social Media: Prevalence-Based GradationEnigma 2023Kamesh Shekar
    Characterizing and Measuring Misleading and Harmful Online Ad Content at ScaleEnigma 2023Eric Zeng
    How the Internet Improves HumanityEnigma 2023Eric Goldman
    Fireside Chat: The State of Memory Safety Enigma 2023Amira Dhalla, Yael Grauer, Alex Gaynor, Josh Aas
    Spotting the Differences: Quirks of Machine Learning (in) SecurityEnigma 2023Fabrício Ceschin
    When Malware Changed Its Mind: How "Split Personalities" Affect Malware Analysis and DetectionEnigma 2023Tudor Dumitras
    The Dirty Laundry of the Web PKIEnigma 2023Emily Stark
    Navigating the Sandbox BuffetEnigma 2023Maxime Serrano
    Adventures in Authentication and AuthorizationEnigma 2023Ian Haken
    The Edge of Developed Practice in Searching Encrypted DataEnigma 2023Kenn White
    Fireside Chat with Simson Garfinkel on Quantum TechnologiesEnigma 2023Simson Garfinkel
    Working on the Frontlines: Privacy and Security with Vulnerable PopulationsEnigma 2023Sarah Aoun