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USENIX is fully committed to the Open Access to research movement. To that end, all videos of conference technical session presentations are now available to the general public on the USENIX website shortly after they take place. In addition, we have offered free online access to conference proceedings since 2008. Visit our proceedings page to check out the latest papers.

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    Discovering Flaws in Security-Focused Static Analysis Tools for Android using Systematic MutationUSENIX Security '18Richard Bonett, Kaushal Kafle, Kevin Moran, Adwait Nadkarni, Denys Poshyvanyk
    With Great Training Comes Great Vulnerability: Practical Attacks against Transfer LearningUSENIX Security '18Bolun Wang, Yuanshun Yao, Bimal Viswanath, Haitao Zheng, Ben Y. Zhao
    When Does Machine Learning FAIL? Generalized Transferability for Evasion and Poisoning AttacksUSENIX Security '18Octavian Suciu, Radu Marginean, Yigitcan Kaya, Hal Daume III, Tudor Dumitras
    teEther: Gnawing at Ethereum to Automatically Exploit Smart ContractsUSENIX Security '18Johannes Krupp, Christian Rossow
    Enter the Hydra: Towards Principled Bug Bounties and Exploit-Resistant Smart ContractsUSENIX Security '18Lorenz Breindenbach, Phil Daian, Florian Tramer, Ari Juels
    Arbitrum: Scalable, private smart contractsUSENIX Security '18Harry Kalodner, Steven Goldfeder, Xiaoqi Chen, S. Matthew Weinberg, Edward W. Felten
    Erays: Reverse Engineering Ethereum's Opaque Smart ContractsUSENIX Security '18Yi Zhou, Deepak Kumar, Surya Bakshi, Joshua Mason, Andrew Miller, Michael Bailey
    DelegaTEE: Brokered Delegation Using Trusted Execution EnvironmentsUSENIX Security '18Sinisa Matetic, Moritz Schneider, Andrew Miller, Ari Juels, Srdjan Capkun
    Simple Password-Hardened Encryption ServicesUSENIX Security '18Russell W. F. Lai, Christoph Egger, Manuel Reinert, Sherman S. M. Chow, Matteo Maffei, Dominique Schröder
    Security Namespace: Making Linux Security Frameworks Available to ContainersUSENIX Security '18Yuqiong Sun, David Safford, Mimi Zohar, Dimitrios Pendarakis, Zhongshu Gu, Trent Jaeger
    Shielding Software From Privileged Side-Channel AttacksUSENIX Security '18Xiaowan Dong, Zhuojia Shen, John Criswell, Alan L. Cox, Sandhya Dwarkadas
    Vetting Single Sign-On SDK Implementations via Symbolic ReasoningUSENIX Security '18Ronghai Yang, Wing Cheong Lau, Jiongyi Chen, Kehuan Zhang
    O Single Sign-Off, Where Art Thou? An Empirical Analysis of Single Sign-On Account Hijacking and Session Management on the WebUSENIX Security '18Mohammad Ghasemisharif, Amrutha Ramesh, Stephen Checkoway, Chris Kanich, Jason Polakis
    WPSE: Fortifying Web Protocols via Browser-Side Security MonitoringUSENIX Security '18Stefano Calzavara, Riccardo Focardi, Matteo Maffei, Clara Schneidewind, Marco Squarcina, Mauro Tempesta
    Man-in-the-Machine: Exploiting Ill-Secured Communication Inside the ComputerUSENIX Security '18Thanh Bui, Siddharth Prakash Rao, Markku Antikainen, Viswanathan Manihatty Bojan, Tuomas Aura
    All Your GPS Are Belong To Us: Towards Stealthy Manipulation of Road Navigation SystemsUSENIX Security '18Kexiong (Curtis) Zeng, Shinan Liu, Yuanchao Shu, Dong Wang, Haoyu Li, Yanzhi Dou, Gang Wang, Yaling Yang
    Injected and Delivered: Fabricating Implicit Control over Actuation Systems by Spoofing Inertial SensorsUSENIX Security '18Yazhou Tu, Zhiqiang Lin, Insup Lee, Xiali Hei
    Modelling and Analysis of a Hierarchy of Distance Bounding AttacksUSENIX Security '18Tom Chothia, Joeri de Ruiter, Ben Smyth
    We Still Don’t Have Secure Cross-Domain Requests: an Empirical Study of CORSUSENIX Security '18Jianjun Chen, Jian Jiang, Haixin Duan, Tao Wan, Shuo Chen, Vern Paxson, Min Yang
    Off-Path TCP Exploit: How Wireless Routers Can Jeopardize Your SecretsUSENIX Security '18Weiteng Chen, Zhiyun Qian
    Formal Security Analysis of Neural Networks using Symbolic IntervalsUSENIX Security '18Shiqi Wang, Kexin Pei, Justin Whitehouse, Junfeng Yang, Suman Jana
    Turning Your Weakness Into a Strength: Watermarking Deep Neural Networks by BackdooringUSENIX Security '18Yossi Adi, Carsten Baum, Moustapha Cisse, Benny Pinkas, Joseph Keshet
    A4NT: Author Attribute Anonymity by Adversarial Training of Neural Machine TranslationUSENIX Security '18Rakshith Shetty, Bernt Schiele, Mario Fritz
    GAZELLE: A Low Latency Framework for Secure Neural Network InferenceUSENIX Security '18Chiraag Juvekar, Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Anantha Chandrakasan
    FlowCog: Context-aware Semantics Extraction and Analysis of Information Flow Leaks in Android AppsUSENIX Security '18Xiang Pan, Yinzhi Cao, Xuechao Du, Boyuan He, Gan Fang, Rui Shao, Yan Chen