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    What Are the Chances? Explaining the Epsilon Parameter in Differential PrivacyUSENIX Security '23Priyanka Nanayakkara, Mary Anne Smart, Rachel Cummings, Gabriel Kaptchuk, Elissa M. Redmiles
    Towards A Proactive ML Approach for Detecting Backdoor Poison SamplesUSENIX Security '23Xiangyu Qi, Tinghao Xie, Jiachen T. Wang, Tong Wu, Saeed Mahloujifar, Prateek Mittal
    Tight Auditing of Differentially Private Machine LearningUSENIX Security '23Milad Nasr, Jamie Hayes, Thomas Steinke, Borja Balle, Florian Tramèr, Matthew Jagielski, Nicholas Carlini, Andreas Terzis
    Continuous Learning for Android Malware DetectionUSENIX Security '23Yizheng Chen, Zhoujie Ding, David Wagner
    Unique Identification of 50,000+ Virtual Reality Users from Head & Hand Motion DataUSENIX Security '23Vivek Nair, Wenbo Guo, Justus Mattern, Rui Wang, James F. O'Brien, Louis Rosenberg, Dawn Song
    Erebus: Access Control for Augmented Reality SystemsUSENIX Security '23Yoonsang Kim, Sanket Goutam, Amir Rahmati, Arie Kaufman
    SAFER: Efficient and Error-Tolerant Binary InstrumentationUSENIX Security '23Soumyakant Priyadarshan, Huan Nguyen, Rohit Chouhan, R. Sekar
    VIPER: Spotting Syscall-Guard Variables for Data-Only AttacksUSENIX Security '23Hengkai Ye, Song Liu, Zhechang Zhang, Hong Hu
    Fuzztruction: Using Fault Injection-based Fuzzing to Leverage Implicit Domain KnowledgeUSENIX Security '23Nils Bars, Moritz Schloegel, Tobias Scharnowski, Nico Schiller, Thorsten Holz
    A Study of Multi-Factor and Risk-Based Authentication AvailabilityUSENIX Security '23Anthony Gavazzi, Ryan Williams, Engin Kirda, Long Lu, Andre King, Andy Davis, Tim Leek
    ClepsydraCache -- Preventing Cache Attacks with Time-Based EvictionsUSENIX Security '23Jan Philipp Thoma, Christian Niesler, Dominic Funke, Gregor Leander, Pierre Mayr, Nils Pohl, Lucas Davi, Tim Güneysu
    FuzzJIT: Oracle-Enhanced Fuzzing for JavaScript Engine JIT CompilerUSENIX Security '23Junjie Wang, Zhiyi Zhang, Shuang Liu, Xiaoning Du, Junjie Chen
    The Writing on the Wall and 3D Digital Twins: Personal Information in (not so) Private Real EstateUSENIX Security '23Rachel McAmis, Tadayoshi Kohno
    CacheQL: Quantifying and Localizing Cache Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Production SoftwareUSENIX Security '23Yuanyuan Yuan, Zhibo Liu, Shuai Wang
    Security and Privacy Failures in Popular 2FA AppsUSENIX Security '23Conor Gilsenan, Fuzail Shakir, Noura Alomar, Serge Egelman
    GLeeFuzz: Fuzzing WebGL Through Error Message Guided MutationUSENIX Security '23Hui Peng, Zhihao Yao, Ardalan Amiri Sani, Dave (Jing) Tian, Mathias Payer
    Panda: Security Analysis of Algorand Smart ContractsUSENIX Security '23Zhiyuan Sun, Xiapu Luo, Yinqian Zhang
    Aegis: Mitigating Targeted Bit-flip Attacks against Deep Neural NetworksUSENIX Security '23Jialai Wang, Ziyuan Zhang, Meiqi Wang, Han Qiu, Tianwei Zhang, Qi Li, Zongpeng Li, Tao Wei, Chao Zhang
    Lessons Lost: Incident Response in the Age of Cyber Insurance and Breach AttorneysUSENIX Security '23Daniel W. Woods, Rainer Böhme, Josephine Wolff, Daniel Schwarcz
    Rethinking White-Box Watermarks on Deep Learning Models under Neural Structural ObfuscationUSENIX Security '23Yifan Yan, Xudong Pan, Mi Zhang, Min Yang
    CarpetFuzz: Automatic Program Option Constraint Extraction from Documentation for FuzzingUSENIX Security '23Dawei Wang, Ying Li, Zhiyu Zhang, Kai Chen
    InfinityGauntlet: Expose Smartphone Fingerprint Authentication to Brute-force AttackUSENIX Security '23Yu Chen, Yang Yu, Lidong Zhai
    Bug Hunters’ Perspectives on the Challenges and Benefits of the Bug Bounty EcosystemUSENIX Security '23Omer Akgul, Taha Eghtesad, Amit Elazari, Omprakash Gnawali, Jens Grossklags, Michelle L. Mazurek, Daniel Votipka, Aron Laszka
    Log: It’s Big, It’s Heavy, It’s Filled with Personal Data! Measuring the Logging of Sensitive Information in the Android EcosystemUSENIX Security '23Allan Lyons, Julien Gamba, Austin Shawaga, Joel Reardon, Juan Tapiador, Serge Egelman, Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez
    “Employees Who Don’t Accept the Time Security Takes Are Not Aware Enough”: The CISO View of Human-Centred SecurityUSENIX Security '23Jonas Hielscher, Uta Menges, Simon Parkin, Annette Kluge, M. Angela Sasse