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    Identity Confusion in WebView-based Mobile App-in-app EcosystemsUSENIX Security '22Lei Zhang, Zhibo Zhang, Ancong Liu, Yinzhi Cao, Xiaohan Zhang, Yanjun Chen, Yuan Zhang, Guangliang Yang, Min Yang
    How Machine Learning Is Solving the Binary Function Similarity ProblemUSENIX Security '22Andrea Marcelli, Mariano Graziano, Xabier Ugarte-Pedrero, Yanick Fratantonio, Mohamad Mansouri, Davide Balzarotti
    Blacklight: Scalable Defense for Neural Networks against Query-Based Black-Box AttacksUSENIX Security '22Huiying Li, Shawn Shan, Emily Wenger, Jiayun Zhang, Haitao Zheng, Ben Y. Zhao
    Birds of a Feather Flock Together: How Set Bias Helps to Deanonymize You via Revealed Intersection SizesUSENIX Security '22Xiaojie Guo, Ye Han, Zheli Liu, Ding Wang, Yan Jia, Jin Li
    Pre-hijacked accounts: An Empirical Study of Security Failures in User Account Creation on the WebUSENIX Security '22Avinash Sudhodanan, Andrew Paverd
    Gossamer: Securely Measuring Password-based LoginsUSENIX Security '22Marina Sanusi Bohuk, Mazharul Islam, Suleman Ahmad, Michael Swift, Thomas Ristenpart, Rahul Chatterjee
    DnD: A Cross-Architecture Deep Neural Network DecompilerUSENIX Security '22Ruoyu Wu, Taegyu Kim, Dave (Jing) Tian, Antonio Bianchi, Dongyan Xu
    How to Peel a Million: Validating and Expanding Bitcoin ClustersUSENIX Security '22George Kappos, Haaroon Yousaf, Rainer Stütz, Sofia Rollet, Bernhard Haslhofer, Sarah Meiklejohn
    GPU-accelerated PIR with Client-Independent Preprocessing for Large-Scale ApplicationsUSENIX Security '22Daniel Günther, Maurice Heymann, Benny Pinkas, Thomas Schneider
    Towards More Robust Keyword Spotting for Voice AssistantsUSENIX Security '22Shimaa Ahmed, Ilia Shumailov, Nicolas Papernot, Kassem Fawaz
    VerLoc: Verifiable Localization in Decentralized SystemsUSENIX Security '22Katharina Kohls, Claudia Diaz
    Omnes pro uno: Practical Multi-Writer Encrypted DatabaseUSENIX Security '22Jiafan Wang, Sherman S. M. Chow
    99% False Positives: A Qualitative Study of SOC Analysts' Perspectives on Security AlarmsUSENIX Security '22Bushra A. Alahmadi, Louise Axon, Ivan Martinovic
    RE-Mind: a First Look Inside the Mind of a Reverse EngineerUSENIX Security '22Alessandro Mantovani, Simone Aonzo, Yanick Fratantonio, Davide Balzarotti
    FreeWill: Automatically Diagnosing Use-after-free Bugs via Reference Miscounting Detection on BinariesUSENIX Security '22Liang He, Hong Hu, Purui Su, Yan Cai, Zhenkai Liang
    ALASTOR: Reconstructing the Provenance of Serverless IntrusionsUSENIX Security '22Pubali Datta, Isaac Polinsky, Muhammad Adil Inam, Adam Bates, William Enck
    Seeing is Living? Rethinking the Security of Facial Liveness Verification in the Deepfake EraUSENIX Security '22Changjiang Li, Li Wang, Shouling Ji, Xuhong Zhang, Zhaohan Xi, Shanqing Guo, Ting Wang
    Who Are You (I Really Wanna Know)? Detecting Audio DeepFakes Through Vocal Tract ReconstructionUSENIX Security '22Logan Blue, Kevin Warren, Hadi Abdullah, Cassidy Gibson, Luis Vargas, Jessica O'Dell, Kevin Butler, Patrick Traynor
    Shuffle-based Private Set Union: Faster and More SecureUSENIX Security '22Yanxue Jia, Shi-Feng Sun, Hong-Sheng Zhou, Jiajun Du, Dawu Gu
    IHOP: Improved Statistical Query Recovery against Searchable Symmetric Encryption through Quadratic OptimizationUSENIX Security '22Simon Oya, Florian Kerschbaum
    Off-Path Network Traffic Manipulation via Revitalized ICMP Redirect AttacksUSENIX Security '22Xuewei Feng, Qi Li, Kun Sun, Zhiyun Qian, Gang Zhao, Xiaohui Kuang, Chuanpu Fu, Ke Xu
    Characterizing the Security of Github CI WorkflowsUSENIX Security '22Igibek Koishybayev, Aleksandr Nahapetyan, Raima Zachariah, Siddharth Muralee, Bradley Reaves, Alexandros Kapravelos, Aravind Machiry
    Hecate: Abuse Reporting in Secure Messengers with Sealed SenderUSENIX Security '22Rawane Issa, Nicolas Alhaddad, Mayank Varia
    Decomperson: How Humans Decompile and What We Can Learn From ItUSENIX Security '22Kevin Burk, Fabio Pagani, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna
    Dynamic Searchable Encryption with Optimal Search in the Presence of DeletionsUSENIX Security '22Javad Ghareh Chamani, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Mohammadamin Karbasforushan, Ioannis Demertzis