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    Engineering Ethics into the NIST Privacy FrameworkPEPR '20R. Jason Cronk
    Taking Responsibility for Someone Else's Code: Studying the Privacy Behaviors of Mobile Apps at ScalePEPR '20Serge Egelman
    When Engineers and Lawyers Talk: Right-Sizing Your Data Protection Risk ProfilePEPR '20Rafae Bhatti
    AURORA: Statistical Crash Analysis for Automated Root Cause ExplanationUSENIX Security '20Tim Blazytko, Moritz Schlögel, Cornelius Aschermann, Ali Abbasi, Joel Frank, Simon Wörner, Thorsten Holz
    Shim Shimmeny: Evaluating the Security and Privacy Contributions of Link Shimming in the Modern WebUSENIX Security '20Frank Li
    Everything Old is New Again: Binary Security of WebAssemblyUSENIX Security '20Daniel Lehmann, Johannes Kinder, Michael Pradel
    SmartVerif: Push the Limit of Automation Capability of Verifying Security Protocols by Dynamic StrategiesUSENIX Security '20Yan Xiong, Cheng Su, Wenchao Huang, Fuyou Miao, Wansen Wang, Hengyi Ouyang
    BigMAC: Fine-Grained Policy Analysis of Android FirmwareUSENIX Security '20Grant Hernandez, Dave (Jing) Tian, Anurag Swarnim Yadav, Byron J. Williams, Kevin R.B. Butler
    PhishTime: Continuous Longitudinal Measurement of the Effectiveness of Anti-phishing BlacklistsUSENIX Security '20Adam Oest, Yeganeh Safaei, Penghui Zhang, Brad Wardman, Kevin Tyers, Yan Shoshitaishvili, Adam Doupé
    See No Evil: Phishing for Permissions with False TransparencyUSENIX Security '20Güliz Seray Tuncay, Jingyu Qian, Carl A. Gunter
    A different cup of TI? The added value of commercial threat intelligenceUSENIX Security '20Xander Bouwman, Harm Griffioen, Jelle Egbers, Christian Doerr, Bram Klievink, Michel van Eeten
    HybCache: Hybrid Side-Channel-Resilient Caches for Trusted Execution EnvironmentsUSENIX Security '20Ghada Dessouky, Tommaso Frassetto, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
    TPM-FAIL: TPM meets Timing and Lattice AttacksUSENIX Security '20Daniel Moghimi, Berk Sunar, Thomas Eisenbarth, Nadia Heninger
    CopyCat: Controlled Instruction-Level Attacks on EnclavesUSENIX Security '20Daniel Moghimi, Jo Van Bulck, Nadia Heninger, Frank Piessens, Berk Sunar
    Civet: An Efficient Java Partitioning Framework for Hardware EnclavesUSENIX Security '20Chia-Che Tsai, Jeongseok Son, Bhushan Jain, John McAvey, Raluca Ada Popa, Donald E. Porter
    An Off-Chip Attack on Hardware Enclaves via the Memory BusUSENIX Security '20Dayeol Lee, Dongha Jung, Ian T. Fang, Chia-Che Tsai, Raluca Ada Popa
    BesFS: A POSIX Filesystem for Enclaves with a Mechanized Safety ProofUSENIX Security '20Shweta Shinde, Shengyi Wang, Pinghai Yuan, Aquinas Hobor, Abhik Roychoudhury, Prateek Saxena
    EPIC: Every Packet Is Checked in the Data Plane of a Path-Aware InternetUSENIX Security '20Markus Legner, Tobias Klenze, Marc Wyss, Christoph Sprenger, Adrian Perrig
    ShadowMove: A Stealthy Lateral Movement StrategyUSENIX Security '20Amirreza Niakanlahiji, Jinpeng Wei, Md Rabbi Alam, Qingyang Wang, Bei-Tseng Chu
    Poison Over Troubled Forwarders: A Cache Poisoning Attack Targeting DNS Forwarding DevicesUSENIX Security '20Xiaofeng Zheng, Chaoyi Lu, Jian Peng, Qiushi Yang, Dongjie Zhou, Baojun Liu, Keyu Man, Shuang Hao, Haixin Duan, Zhiyun Qian
    Programmable In-Network Security for Context-aware BYOD PoliciesUSENIX Security '20Qiao Kang, Lei Xue, Adam Morrison, Yuxin Tang, Ang Chen, Xiapu Luo
    Cached and Confused: Web Cache Deception in the WildUSENIX Security '20Seyed Ali Mirheidari, Sajjad Arshad, Kaan Onarlioglu, Bruno Crispo, Engin Kirda, William Robertson
    Zero-delay Lightweight Defenses against Website FingerprintingUSENIX Security '20Jiajun Gong, Tao Wang
    Horizontal Privilege Escalation in Trusted ApplicationsUSENIX Security '20Darius Suciu, Stephen McLaughlin, Laurent Simon, Radu Sion
    TeeRex: Discovery and Exploitation of Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities in SGX EnclavesUSENIX Security '20Tobias Cloosters, Michael Rodler, Lucas Davi