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    Decision-Making Errors in Mobile PhishingSOUPS 2021Rasha Ibrahim
    Gallery of Latin American MalwareSOUPS 2021Sofia Celi
    Towards Usable and Secure Location-based Smartphone AuthenticationSOUPS 2021Geumhwan Cho, Sungsu Kwag, Jun Ho Huh, Bedeuro Kim, Choong-Hoon Lee, Hyoungshick Kim
    Please do not use !?_ or your License Plate Number: Analyzing Password Policies in German CompaniesSOUPS 2021Eva Gerlitz, Maximilian Häring, Matthew Smith
    Using a Blocklist to Improve the Security of User Selection of Android PatternsSOUPS 2021Collins W. Munyendo, Miles Grant, Philipp Markert, Timothy J. Forman, Adam J. Aviv
    User Perceptions of the Usability and Security of Smartphones as FIDO2 Roaming AuthenticatorsSOUPS 2021Kentrell Owens, Olabode Anise, Amanda Krauss, Blase Ur
    Never ever or no matter what: Investigating Adoption Intentions and Misconceptions about the Corona-Warn-App in GermanySOUPS 2021Maximilian Häring, Eva Gerlitz, Christian Tiefenau, Matthew Smith, Dominik Wermke, Sascha Fahl, Yasemin Acar
    Understanding Users' Knowledge about the Privacy and Security of Browser ExtensionsSOUPS 2021Ankit Kariryaa, Gian-Luca Savino, Carolin Stellmacher, Johannes Schöning
    Replication: Effects of Media on the Mental Models of Technical UsersSOUPS 2021Khadija Baig, Elisa Kazan, Kalpana Hundlani, Sana Maqsood, Sonia Chiasson
    Comparing Security and Privacy Attitudes Among U.S. Users of Different Smartphone and Smart-Speaker PlatformsSOUPS 2021Desiree Abrokwa, Shruti Das, Omer Akgul, Michelle L. Mazurek
    "How I Know For Sure": People's Perspectives on Solely Automated Decision-Making (SADM)SOUPS 2021Smirity Kaushik, Yaxing Yao, Pierre Dewitte, Yang Wang
    A Fait Accompli? An Empirical Study into the Absence of Consent to Third-Party Tracking in Android AppsSOUPS 2021Konrad Kollnig, Pierre Dewitte, Max Van Kleek, Ge Wang, Daniel Omeiza, Helena Webb, Nigel Shadbolt
    "Whether it's moral is a whole other story": Consumer perspectives on privacy regulations and corporate data practicesSOUPS 2021Leah Zhang-Kennedy, Sonia Chiasson
    Pursuing Usable and Useful Data Downloads Under GDPR/CCPA Access Rights via Co-DesignSOUPS 2021Sophie Veys, Daniel Serrano, Madison Stamos, Margot Herman, Nathan Reitinger, Michelle L. Mazurek, Blase Ur
    Facial Recognition: Understanding Privacy Concerns and Attitudes Across Increasingly Diverse Deployment ScenariosSOUPS 2021Shikun Zhang, Yuanyuan Feng, Norman Sadeh
    "I'm Literally Just Hoping This Will Work:'' Obstacles Blocking the Online Security and Privacy of Users with Visual DisabilitiesSOUPS 2021Daniela Napoli, Khadija Baig, Sana Maqsood, Sonia Chiasson
    WebAlly: Making Visual Task-based CAPTCHAs Transferable for People with Visual ImpairmentsSOUPS 2021Zhuohao Zhang, Zhilin Zhang, Haolin Yuan, Natã M. Barbosa, Sauvik Das, Yang Wang
    Designing Toxic Content Classification for a Diversity of PerspectivesSOUPS 2021Deepak Kumar, Patrick Gage Kelley, Sunny Consolvo, Joshua Mason, Elie Bursztein, Zakir Durumeric, Kurt Thomas, Michael Bailey
    Why They Ignore English Emails: The Challenges of Non-Native Speakers in Identifying Phishing EmailsSOUPS 2021Ayako A. Hasegawa, Naomi Yamashita, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Tatsuya Mori
    SoK: Still Plenty of Phish in the Sea — A Taxonomy of User-Oriented Phishing Interventions and Avenues for Future ResearchSOUPS 2021Anjuli Franz, Verena Zimmermann, Gregor Albrecht, Katrin Hartwig, Christian Reuter, Alexander Benlian, Joachim Vogt
    Investigating Web Service Account Remediation AdviceSOUPS 2021Lorenzo Neil, Elijah Bouma-Sims, Evan Lafontaine, Yasemin Acar, Bradley Reaves
    Knowledge and Capabilities that Non-Expert Users Bring to Phishing DetectionSOUPS 2021Rick Wash, Norbert Nthala, Emilee Rader
    Code Reviewing as Methodology for Online Security Studies with Developers - A Case Study with Freelancers on Password StorageSOUPS 2021Anastasia Danilova, Alena Naiakshina, Anna Rasgauski, Matthew Smith
    "I have no idea what they're trying to accomplish:" Enthusiastic and Casual Signal Users' Understanding of Signal PINsSOUPS 2021Daniel V. Bailey, Philipp Markert, Adam J. Aviv
    On the Limited Impact of Visualizing Encryption: Perceptions of E2E Messaging SecuritySOUPS 2021Christian Stransky, Dominik Wermke, Johanna Schrader, Nicolas Huaman, Yasemin Acar, Anna Lena Fehlhaber, Miranda Wei, Blase Ur, Sascha Fahl