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    V0Finder: Discovering the Correct Origin of Publicly Reported Software VulnerabilitiesUSENIX Security '21Seunghoon Woo, Dongwook Lee, Sunghan Park, Heejo Lee, Sven Dietrich
    CIPHERLEAKS: Breaking Constant-time Cryptography on AMD SEV via the Ciphertext Side ChannelUSENIX Security '21Mengyuan Li, Yinqian Zhang, Huibo Wang, Kang Li, Yueqiang Cheng
    MPInspector: A Systematic and Automatic Approach for Evaluating the Security of IoT Messaging ProtocolsUSENIX Security '21Qinying Wang, Shouling Ji, Yuan Tian, Xuhong Zhang, Binbin Zhao, Yuhong Kan, Zhaowei Lin, Changting Lin, Shuiguang Deng, Alex X. Liu, Raheem Beyah
    Why TLS is better without STARTTLS: A Security Analysis of STARTTLS in the Email ContextUSENIX Security '21Damian Poddebniak, Fabian Ising, Hanno Böck, Sebastian Schinzel
    FlowDist: Multi-Staged Refinement-Based Dynamic Information Flow Analysis for Distributed Software SystemsUSENIX Security '21Xiaoqin Fu, Haipeng Cai
    Minerva– An Efficient Risk-Limiting Ballot Polling AuditUSENIX Security '21Filip Zagórski, Grant McClearn, Sarah Morin, Neal McBurnett, Poorvi L. Vora
    The Complexities of Healing in Secure Group Messaging: Why Cross-Group Effects MatterUSENIX Security '21Cas Cremers, Britta Hale, Konrad Kohbrok
    Blind Backdoors in Deep Learning ModelsUSENIX Security '21Eugene Bagdasaryan, Vitaly Shmatikov
    Once is Never Enough: Foundations for Sound Statistical Inference in Tor Network ExperimentationUSENIX Security '21Rob Jansen, Justin Tracey, Ian Goldberg
    Stars Can Tell: A Robust Method to Defend against GPS Spoofing Attacks using Off-the-shelf ChipsetUSENIX Security '21Shinan Liu, Xiang Cheng, Hanchao Yang, Yuanchao Shu, Xiaoran Weng, Ping Guo, Kexiong (Curtis) Zeng, Gang Wang, Yaling Yang
    People Count: Contact Tracing Apps and Public HealthUSENIX Security '21Susan Landau
    Towards Formal Verification of State Continuity for Enclave ProgramsUSENIX Security '21Mohit Kumar Jangid, Guoxing Chen, Yinqian Zhang, Zhiqiang Lin
    Mystique: Efficient Conversions for Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Applications to Machine LearningUSENIX Security '21Chenkai Weng, Kang Yang, Xiang Xie, Jonathan Katz, Xiao Wang
    Database Reconstruction from Noisy Volumes: A Cache Side-Channel Attack on SQLiteUSENIX Security '21Aria Shahverdi, Mahammad Shirinov, Dana Dachman-Soled
    Incrementally Updateable Honey Password VaultsUSENIX Security '21Haibo Cheng, Wenting Li, Ping Wang, Chao-Hsien Chu, Kaitai Liang
    A Highly Accurate Query-Recovery Attack against Searchable Encryption using Non-Indexed DocumentsUSENIX Security '21Marc Damie, Florian Hahn, Andreas Peter
    ELISE: A Storage Efficient Logging System Powered by Redundancy Reduction and Representation LearningUSENIX Security '21Hailun Ding, Shenao Yan, Juan Zhai, Shiqing Ma
    Frontrunner Jones and the Raiders of the Dark Forest: An Empirical Study of Frontrunning on the Ethereum BlockchainUSENIX Security '21Christof Ferreira Torres, Ramiro Camino, Radu State
    Dynamic proofs of retrievability with low server storageUSENIX Security '21Gaspard Anthoine, Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Mélanie de Jonghe, Aude Maignan, Clément Pernet, Michael Hanling, Daniel S. Roche
    When Malware Changed Its Mind: An Empirical Study of Variable Program Behaviors in the Real WorldUSENIX Security '21Erin Avllazagaj, Ziyun Zhu, Leyla Bilge, Davide Balzarotti, Tudor Dumitraș
    Dompteur: Taming Audio Adversarial ExamplesUSENIX Security '21Thorsten Eisenhofer, Lea Schönherr, Joel Frank, Lars Speckemeier, Dorothea Kolossa, Thorsten Holz
    Dirty Road Can Attack: Security of Deep Learning based Automated Lane Centering under Physical-World AttackUSENIX Security '21Takami Sato, Junjie Shen, Ningfei Wang, Yunhan Jia, Xue Lin, Qi Alfred Chen
    Double-Cross Attacks: Subverting Active Learning SystemsUSENIX Security '21Jose Rodrigo Sanchez Vicarte, Gang Wang, Christopher W. Fletcher
    DEFInit: An Analysis of Exposed Android Init RoutinesUSENIX Security '21Yuede Ji, Mohamed Elsabagh, Ryan Johnson, Angelos Stavrou
    Reducing Test Cases with Attention Mechanism of Neural NetworksUSENIX Security '21Xing Zhang, Jiongyi Chen, Chao Feng, Ruilin Li, Yunfei Su, Bin Zhang, Jing Lei, Chaojing Tang