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    FlowMatrix: GPU-Assisted Information-Flow Analysis through Matrix-Based RepresentationUSENIX Security '22Kaihang Ji, Jun Zeng, Yuancheng Jiang, Zhenkai Liang, Zheng Leong Chua, Prateek Saxena, Abhik Roychoudhury
    Bedrock: Programmable Network Support for Secure RDMA SystemsUSENIX Security '22Jiarong Xing, Kuo-Feng Hsu, Yiming Qiu, Ziyang Yang, Hongyi Liu, Ang Chen
    Creating a Secure Underlay for the InternetUSENIX Security '22Henry Birge-Lee, Joel Wanner, Grace H. Cimaszewski, Jonghoon Kwon, Liang Wang, François Wirz, Prateek Mittal, Adrian Perrig, Yixin Sun
    DeepDi: Learning a Relational Graph Convolutional Network Model on Instructions for Fast and Accurate DisassemblyUSENIX Security '22Sheng Yu, Yu Qu, Xunchao Hu, Heng Yin
    HyperDegrade: From GHz to MHz Effective CPU FrequenciesUSENIX Security '22Alejandro Cabrera Aldaya, Billy Bob Brumley
    Pacer: Comprehensive Network Side-Channel Mitigation in the CloudUSENIX Security '22Aastha Mehta, Mohamed Alzayat, Roberta De Viti, Björn B. Brandenburg, Peter Druschel, Deepak Garg
    Composable Cachelets: Protecting Enclaves from Cache Side-Channel AttacksUSENIX Security '22Daniel Townley, Kerem Arıkan, Yu David Liu, Dmitry Ponomarev, Oğuz Ergin
    Don't Mesh Around: Side-Channel Attacks and Mitigations on Mesh InterconnectsUSENIX Security '22Miles Dai, Riccardo Paccagnella, Miguel Gomez-Garcia, John McCalpin, Mengjia Yan
    WebGraph: Capturing Advertising and Tracking Information Flows for Robust BlockingUSENIX Security '22Sandra Siby, Umar Iqbal, Steven Englehardt, Zubair Shafiq, Carmela Troncoso
    Automating Cookie Consent and GDPR Violation DetectionUSENIX Security '22Dino Bollinger, Karel Kubicek, Carlos Cotrini, David Basin
    Khaleesi: Breaker of Advertising and Tracking Request ChainsUSENIX Security '22Umar Iqbal, Charlie Wolfe, Charles Nguyen, Steven Englehardt, Zubair Shafiq
    Practical Data Access Minimization in Trigger-Action PlatformsUSENIX Security '22Yunang Chen, Mohannad Alhanahnah, Andrei Sabelfeld, Rahul Chatterjee, Earlence Fernandes
    Polynomial Commitment with a One-to-Many Prover and ApplicationsUSENIX Security '22Jiaheng Zhang, Tiancheng Xie, Thang Hoang, Elaine Shi, Yupeng Zhang
    ppSAT: Towards Two-Party Private SAT SolvingUSENIX Security '22Ning Luo, Samuel Judson, Timos Antonopoulos, Ruzica Piskac, Xiao Wang
    Hyperproofs: Aggregating and Maintaining Proofs in Vector CommitmentsUSENIX Security '22Shravan Srinivasan, Alexander Chepurnoy, Charalampos Papamanthou, Alin Tomescu, Yupeng Zhang
    Loki: Hardening Code Obfuscation Against Automated AttacksUSENIX Security '22Moritz Schloegel, Tim Blazytko, Moritz Contag, Cornelius Aschermann, Julius Basler, Thorsten Holz, Ali Abbasi
    Oops... Code Execution and Content Spoofing: The First Comprehensive Analysis of OpenDocument SignaturesUSENIX Security '22Simon Rohlmann, Christian Mainka, Vladislav Mladenov, Jörg Schwenk
    Playing Without Paying: Detecting Vulnerable Payment Verification in Native Binaries of Unity Mobile GamesUSENIX Security '22Chaoshun Zuo, Zhiqiang Lin
    Repurposing Segmentation as a Practical LVI-NULL Mitigation in SGXUSENIX Security '22Lukas Giner, Andreas Kogler, Claudio Canella, Michael Schwarz, Daniel Gruss
    A Hardware-Software Co-design for Efficient Intra-Enclave IsolationUSENIX Security '22Jinyu Gu, Bojun Zhu, Mingyu Li, Wentai Li, Yubin Xia, Haibo Chen
    SGXFuzz: Efficiently Synthesizing Nested Structures for SGX Enclave FuzzingUSENIX Security '22Tobias Cloosters, Johannes Willbold, Thorsten Holz, Lucas Davi
    SecSMT: Securing SMT Processors against Contention-Based Covert ChannelsUSENIX Security '22Mohammadkazem Taram, Xida Ren, Ashish Venkat, Dean Tullsen
    SyzScope: Revealing High-Risk Security Impacts of Fuzzer-Exposed Bugs in Linux kernelUSENIX Security '22Xiaochen Zou, Guoren Li, Weiteng Chen, Hang Zhang, Zhiyun Qian
    Stateful Greybox FuzzingUSENIX Security '22Jinsheng Ba, Marcel Böhme, Zahra Mirzamomen, Abhik Roychoudhury
    How to Abuse and Fix Authenticated Encryption Without Key CommitmentUSENIX Security '22Ange Albertini, Thai Duong, Shay Gueron, Stefan Kölbl, Atul Luykx, Sophie Schmieg