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    Passworld: A Serious Game to Promote Password Awareness and Diversity in an EnterpriseSOUPS 2020Gokul Chettoor Jayakrishnan, Gangadhara Reddy Sirigireddy, Sukanya Vaddepalli, Vijayanand Banahatti, Sachin Premsukh Lodha, Sankalp Suneel Pandit
    User Mental Models of Cryptocurrency Systems - A Grounded Theory ApproachSOUPS 2020Alexandra Mai, Katharina Pfeffer, Matthias Gusenbauer, Edgar Weippl, Katharina Krombholz
    Knock, Knock. Who’s There? On the Security of LG’s Knock CodesSOUPS 2020Raina Samuel, Philipp Markert, Adam J. Aviv, Iulian Neamtiu
    How Risky Are Real Users' IFTTT Applets?SOUPS 2020Camille Cobb, Milijana Surbatovich, Anna Kawakami, Mahmood Sharif, Lujo Bauer, Anupam Das, Limin Jia
    From Intent to Action: Nudging Users Towards Secure Mobile PaymentsSOUPS 2020Peter Story, Daniel Smullen, Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Norman Sadeh, Florian Schaub
    Enhancing Privacy through the Visual Design of Privacy Notices: Exploring the Interplay of Curiosity, Control and AffectSOUPS 2020Agnieszka Kitkowska, Mark Warner, Yefim Shulman, Erik Wästlund, Leonardo A. Martucci
    An Ethnographic Understanding of Software (In)Security and a Co-Creation Model to Improve Secure Software DevelopmentSOUPS 2020Hernan Palombo, Armin Ziaie Tabari, Daniel Lende, Jay Ligatti, Xinming Ou
    "You've Got Your Nice List of Bugs, Now What?" Vulnerability Discovery and Management Processes in the WildSOUPS 2020Noura Alomar, Primal Wijesekera, Edward Qiu, Serge Egelman
    Towards Understanding Privacy and Trust in Online Reporting of Sexual AssaultSOUPS 2020Borke Obada-Obieh, Lucrezia Spagnolo, Konstantin Beznosov
    Learning through Videos: Uncovering Approaches to Educating People about Facebook PrivacySOUPS 2020
    Mobile Security Behavior Observatory: Long-term Monitoring of Mobile User BehaviorSOUPS 2020
    Observation Study on Usability Challenges for Fingerprint Authentication Using WebAuthn-enabled Android SmartphonesSOUPS 2020
    Cyber Attack! A Story-driven Educational Hacking GameSOUPS 2020
    Towards Inclusive Design for Privacy and Security: Perspectives from an Aging SocietySOUPS 2020
    "Get a Free Item Pack with Every Activation!" Do Incentives Increase the Adoption Rates of Two-Factor Authentication?SOUPS 2020
    Effect of Priming on Smart Home Privacy PreferencesSOUPS 2020
    Automatic Section Title Generation to Improve the Readability of Privacy PoliciesSOUPS 2020
    Something Doesn't Feel Right: Using Thermal Warnings to Improve User Security AwarenessSOUPS 2020
    Towards a Conceptual Model for Provoking Privacy SpeculationSOUPS 2020
    Your Photo is so Funny that I don't Mind Violating Your Privacy by Sharing it: Individual Humor Styles and Photo-sharing BehaviorsSOUPS 2020
    A Cybersecurity Research Ethics Decision Support UISOUPS 2020
    A Multilingual Comparison of Email ScamsSOUPS 2020
    Privacy Not Found: A Study of the Availability of Privacy Policies on the WebSOUPS 2020
    Smart Home Updates: User Perceptions and ExperiencesSOUPS 2020
    Privacy Preferences vs. Settings: A Case Study of Android PermissionsSOUPS 2020