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    Fuzzing Error Handling Code using Context-Sensitive Software Fault InjectionUSENIX Security '20Zu-Ming Jiang, Jia-Ju Bai, Kangjie Lu, Shi-Min Hu
    SEAL: Attack Mitigation for Encrypted Databases via Adjustable LeakageUSENIX Security '20Ioannis Demertzis, Dimitrios Papadopoulos, Charalampos Papamanthou, Saurabh Shintre
    Light Commands: Laser-Based Audio Injection Attacks on Voice-Controllable SystemsUSENIX Security '20Takeshi Sugawara, Benjamin Cyr, Sara Rampazzi, Daniel Genkin, Kevin Fu
    Remote Side-Channel Attacks on Anonymous TransactionsUSENIX Security '20Florian Tramer, Dan Boneh, Kenny Paterson
    Preech: A System for Privacy-Preserving Speech TranscriptionUSENIX Security '20Shimaa Ahmed, Amrita Roy Chowdhury, Kassem Fawaz, Parmesh Ramanathan
    Pancake: Frequency Smoothing for Encrypted Data StoresUSENIX Security '20Paul Grubbs, Anurag Khandelwal, Marie-Sarah Lacharité, Lloyd Brown, Lucy Li, Rachit Agarwal, Thomas Ristenpart
    SkillExplorer: Understanding the Behavior of Skills in Large ScaleUSENIX Security '20Zhixiu Guo, Zijin Lin, Pan Li, Kai Chen
    USBFuzz: A Framework for Fuzzing USB Drivers by Device EmulationUSENIX Security '20Hui Peng, Mathias Payer
    TXSPECTOR: Uncovering Attacks in Ethereum from TransactionsUSENIX Security '20Mengya Zhang, Xiaokuan Zhang, Yinqian Zhang, Zhiqiang Lin
    Droplet: Decentralized Authorization and Access Control for Encrypted Data StreamsUSENIX Security '20Hossein Shafagh, Lukas Burkhalter, Sylvia Ratnasamy, Anwar Hithnawi
    PHMon: A Programmable Hardware Monitor and Its Security Use CasesUSENIX Security '20Leila Delshadtehrani, Sadullah Canakci, Boyou Zhou, Schuyler Eldridge, Ajay Joshi, Manuel Egele
    McTiny: Fast High-Confidence Post-Quantum Key Erasure for Tiny Network ServersUSENIX Security '20Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange
    HALucinator: Firmware Re-hosting Through Abstraction Layer EmulationUSENIX Security '20Abraham A Clements, Eric Gustafson, Tobias Scharnowski, Paul Grosen, David Fritz, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna, Saurabh Bagchi, Mathias Payer
    Achieving Keyless CDNs with ConclavesUSENIX Security '20Stephen Herwig, Christina Garman, Dave Levin
    Montage: A Neural Network Language Model-Guided JavaScript Engine FuzzerUSENIX Security '20Suyoung Lee, HyungSeok Han, Sang Kil Cha, Sooel Son
    Hybrid Batch Attacks: Finding Black-box Adversarial Examples with Limited QueriesUSENIX Security '20Fnu Suya, Jianfeng Chi, David Evans, Yuan Tian
    Big Numbers - Big Troubles: Systematically Analyzing Nonce Leakage in (EC)DSA ImplementationsUSENIX Security '20Samuel Weiser, David Schrammel, Lukas Bodner, Raphael Spreitzer
    APEX: A Verified Architecture for Proofs of Execution on Remote Devices under Full Software CompromiseUSENIX Security '20Ivan De Oliveira Nunes, Karim Eldefrawy, Norrathep Rattanavipanon, Gene Tsudik
    From Needs to Actions to Secure Apps? The Effect of Requirements and Developer Practices on App SecurityUSENIX Security '20Charles Weir, Ben Hermann, Sascha Fahl
    Datalog DisassemblyUSENIX Security '20Antonio Flores-Montoya, Eric Schulte
    RELOAD+REFRESH: Abusing Cache Replacement Policies to Perform Stealthy Cache AttacksUSENIX Security '20Samira Briongos, Pedro Malagón, José M. Moya, Thomas Eisenbarth
    EcoFuzz: Adaptive Energy-Saving Greybox Fuzzing as a Variant of the Adversarial Multi-Armed BanditUSENIX Security '20Tai Yue, Pengfei Wang, Yong Tang, Enze Wang, Bo Yu, Kai Lu, Xu Zhou
    Automatic Techniques to Systematically Discover New Heap Exploitation PrimitivesUSENIX Security '20Insu Yun, Dhaval Kapil, Taesoo Kim
    A Tale of Two Headers: A Formal Analysis of Inconsistent Click-Jacking Protection on the WebUSENIX Security '20Stefano Calzavara, Sebastian Roth, Alvise Rabitti, Michael Backes, Ben Stock
    Automating the Development of Chosen Ciphertext AttacksUSENIX Security '20Gabrielle Beck, Maximilian Zinkus, Matthew Green