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USENIX is fully committed to the Open Access to research movement. To that end, all videos of conference technical session presentations are now available to the general public on the USENIX website shortly after they take place. In addition, we have offered free online access to conference proceedings since 2008. Visit our proceedings page to check out the latest papers.

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    How Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Went from Months to Minutes with Infrastructure DeliveryLISA18Robert Allen
    Container SecurityLISA18Daniel Walsh
    The History of Logging @ Facebook (Abridged)LISA18KC Braunschweig
    Do the Right Thing: Building Software in an Age of Social ResponsibilityLISA18Jeffrey Snover
    Anatomy of a Crime: Secure DevOps or Darknet Early Breach DetectionLISA18Sarah Cortes
    Getting the Most Out of Your MesosLISA18David Morrison
    Delete This: Decommissioning Servers at ScaleLISA18Anirudh Ra
    Containers and Security on Planet XLISA18Michael Jennings
    Cross Atlantic: Scaling Instagram Infrastructure from US to EuropeLISA18Sherry Xiao
    Pass the Torch Without Dropping the Ball: Lessons in Community ManagementLISA18
    SRE (and DevOps) at a StartupLISA18Craig Sebenik
    Code-Yellow: Helping Operations Top-Heavy Teams the Smart WayLISA18Michael Kehoe, Todd Palino
    Isolation without ContainersLISA18Tyler McMullen
    Familiar Smells I’ve Detected in Your Systems Engineering Organization and How to Fix ThemLISA18Dave Mangot
    How to Be Your Security Team's Best FriendLISA18Emily Cole
    How Bad Is Your Toil?: Measuring the Human Impact of ProcessLISA18Kurt Andersen
    Designing for Failure: How to Manage Thousands of Hosts Through AutomationLISA18Brandon Bercovich
    Incident Management at Netflix VelocityLISA18Dave Hahn
    Serverless Data Processing and Machine LearningLISA18Sunil Mallya
    Introducing Reliability Toolkit: Easy-to-Use Monitoring and AlertingLISA18Janna Brummel, Robin van Zijll
    SLO Burn—Reducing Alert Fatigue and Maintenance Cost in Systems of Any SizeLISA18Jamie Wilkinson
    The Beginning, Present, and Future of SysadminsLISA18
    Junior Engineers Are Features, Not BugsSREcon18 EuropeKate Taggart
    Can I Tell You a Secret? I See Dead SystemsSREcon18 EuropeAvishai Ish-Shalom
    SRE for Good: Engineering Intersections between Operations and Social ActivismSREcon18 EuropeLiz Fong-Jones, Emily Gorcenski