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    An Empirical Study & Evaluation of Modern CAPTCHAsUSENIX Security '23Andrew Searles, Yoshimichi Nakatsuka, Ercan Ozturk, Andrew Paverd, Gene Tsudik, Ai Enkoji
    Checking Passwords on Leaky Computers: A Side Channel Analysis of Chrome's Password Leak Detect ProtocolUSENIX Security '23Andrew Kwong, Walter Wang, Jason Kim, Jonathan Berger, Daniel Genkin, Eyal Ronen, Hovav Shacham, Riad Wahby, Yuval Yarom
    AIRTAG: Towards Automated Attack Investigation by Unsupervised Learning with Log TextsUSENIX Security '23Hailun Ding, Juan Zhai, Yuhong Nan, Shiqing Ma
    Wink: Deniable Secure MessagingUSENIX Security '23Anrin Chakraborti, Darius Suciu, Radu Sion
    PATROL: Provable Defense against Adversarial Policy in Two-player GamesUSENIX Security '23Wenbo Guo, Xian Wu, Lun Wang, Xinyu Xing, Dawn Song
    Cryptographic Administration for Secure Group MessagingUSENIX Security '23David Balbás, Daniel Collins, Serge Vaudenay
    RIDAS: Real-time identification of attack sources on controller area networksUSENIX Security '23Jiwoo Shin, Hyunghoon Kim, Seyoung Lee, Wonsuk Choi, Dong Hoon Lee, Hyo Jin Jo
    No Linux, No Problem: Fast and Correct Windows Binary Fuzzing via Target-embedded SnapshottingUSENIX Security '23Leo Stone, Rishi Ranjan, Stefan Nagy, Matthew Hicks
    Not All Data are Created Equal: Data and Pointer Prioritization for Scalable Protection Against Data-Oriented AttacksUSENIX Security '23Salman Ahmed, Hans Liljestrand, Hani Jamjoom, Matthew Hicks, N. Asokan, Danfeng (Daphne) Yao
    Freaky Leaky SMS: Extracting User Locations by Analyzing SMS TimingsUSENIX Security '23Evangelos Bitsikas, Theodor Schnitzler, Christina Pöpper, Aanjhan Ranganathan
    EnigMap: External-Memory Oblivious Map for Secure EnclavesUSENIX Security '23Afonso Tinoco, Sixiang Gao, Elaine Shi
    Spying through Your Voice Assistants: Realistic Voice Command FingerprintingUSENIX Security '23Dilawer Ahmed, Aafaq Sabir, Anupam Das
    Efficient 3PC for Binary Circuits with Application to Maliciously-Secure DNN InferenceUSENIX Security '23Yun Li, Yufei Duan, Zhicong Huang, Cheng Hong, Chao Zhang, Yifan Song
    "Un-Equal Online Safety?" A Gender Analysis of Security and Privacy Protection Advice and Behaviour PatternsUSENIX Security '23Kovila P.L. Coopamootoo, Magdalene Ng
    Extracting Protocol Format as State Machine via Controlled Static Loop AnalysisUSENIX Security '23Qingkai Shi, Xiangzhe Xu, Xiangyu Zhang
    Network Detection of Interactive SSH Impostors Using Deep LearningUSENIX Security '23Julien Piet, Aashish Sharma, Vern Paxson, David Wagner
    Calpric: Inclusive and Fine-grain Labeling of Privacy Policies with Crowdsourcing and Active LearningUSENIX Security '23Wenjun Qiu, David Lie, Lisa Austin
    One Size Does Not Fit All: Uncovering and Exploiting Cross Platform Discrepant APIs in WeChatUSENIX Security '23Chao Wang, Yue Zhang, Zhiqiang Lin
    KENKU: Towards Efficient and Stealthy Black-box Adversarial Attacks against ASR SystemsUSENIX Security '23Xinghui Wu, Shiqing Ma, Chao Shen, Chenhao Lin, Qian Wang, Qi Li, Yuan Rao
    “I wouldn't want my unsafe code to run my pacemaker”: An Interview Study on the Use, Comprehension, and Perceived Risks of Unsafe RustUSENIX Security '23Sandra Höltervennhoff, Philip Klostermeyer, Noah Wöhler, Yasemin Acar, Sascha Fahl
    Detecting Union Type Confusion in Component Object ModelUSENIX Security '23Yuxing Zhang, Xiaogang Zhu, Daojing He, Minhui Xue, Shouling Ji, Mohammad Sayad Haghighi, Sheng Wen, Zhiniang Peng
    AlphaEXP: An Expert System for Identifying Security-Sensitive Kernel ObjectsUSENIX Security '23Ruipeng Wang, Kaixiang Chen, Chao Zhang, Zulie Pan, Qianyu Li, Siliang Qin, Shenglin Xu, Min Zhang, Yang Li
    Knowledge Expansion and Counterfactual Interaction for Reference-Based Phishing DetectionUSENIX Security '23Ruofan Liu, Yun Lin, Yifan Zhang, Penn Han Lee, Jin Song Dong
    Discovering Adversarial Driving Maneuvers against Autonomous VehiclesUSENIX Security '23Ruoyu Song, Muslum Ozgur Ozmen, Hyungsub Kim, Raymond Muller, Z. Berkay Celik, Antonio Bianchi
    Demystifying Pointer Authentication on Apple M1USENIX Security '23Zechao Cai, Jiaxun Zhu, Wenbo Shen, Yutian Yang, Rui Chang, Yu Wang, Jinku Li, Kui Ren