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    KeyForge: Non-Attributable Email from Forward-Forgeable SignaturesUSENIX Security '21Michael A. Specter, Sunoo Park, Matthew Green
    You Autocomplete Me: Poisoning Vulnerabilities in Neural Code CompletionUSENIX Security '21Roei Schuster, Congzheng Song, Eran Tromer, Vitaly Shmatikov
    Understanding and Detecting Disordered Error Handling with Precise Function PairingUSENIX Security '21Qiushi Wu, Aditya Pakki, Navid Emamdoost, Stephen McCamant, Kangjie Lu
    Kalεido: Real-Time Privacy Control for Eye-Tracking SystemsUSENIX Security '21Jingjie Li, Amrita Roy Chowdhury, Kassem Fawaz, Younghyun Kim
    ARCUS: Symbolic Root Cause Analysis of Exploits in Production SystemsUSENIX Security '21Carter Yagemann, Matthew Pruett, Simon P. Chung, Kennon Bittick, Brendan Saltaformaggio, Wenke Lee
    I Always Feel Like Somebody's Sensing Me! A Framework to Detect, Identify, and Localize Clandestine Wireless SensorsUSENIX Security '21Akash Deep Singh, Luis Garcia, Joseph Noor, Mani Srivastava
    Explanation-Guided Backdoor Poisoning Attacks Against Malware ClassifiersUSENIX Security '21Giorgio Severi, Jim Meyer, Scott Coull, Alina Oprea
    Fine Grained Dataflow Tracking with Proximal GradientsUSENIX Security '21Gabriel Ryan, Abhishek Shah, Dongdong She, Koustubha Bhat, Suman Jana
    Automatic Firmware Emulation through Invalidity-guided Knowledge InferenceUSENIX Security '21Wei Zhou, Le Guan, Peng Liu, Yuqing Zhang
    Static Detection of Unsafe DMA Accesses in Device DriversUSENIX Security '21Jia-Ju Bai, Tuo Li, Kangjie Lu, Shi-Min Hu
    SLAP: Improving Physical Adversarial Examples with Short-Lived Adversarial PerturbationsUSENIX Security '21Giulio Lovisotto, Henry Turner, Ivo Sluganovic, Martin Strohmeier, Ivan Martinovic
    MAZE: Towards Automated Heap Feng ShuiUSENIX Security '21Yan Wang, Chao Zhang, Zixuan Zhao, Bolun Zhang, Xiaorui Gong, Wei Zou
    SelectiveTaint: Efficient Data Flow Tracking With Static Binary RewritingUSENIX Security '21Sanchuan Chen, Zhiqiang Lin, Yinqian Zhang
    Graph BackdoorUSENIX Security '21Zhaohan Xi, Ren Pang, Shouling Ji, Ting Wang
    Entangled Watermarks as a Defense against Model ExtractionUSENIX Security '21Hengrui Jia, Christopher A. Choquette-Choo, Varun Chandrasekaran, Nicolas Papernot
    Mind Your Weight(s): A Large-scale Study on Insufficient Machine Learning Model Protection in Mobile AppsUSENIX Security '21Zhichuang Sun, Ruimin Sun, Long Lu, Alan Mislove
    Breaking Through Binaries: Compiler-quality Instrumentation for Better Binary-only FuzzingUSENIX Security '21Stefan Nagy, Anh Nguyen-Tuong, Jason D. Hiser, Jack W. Davidson, Matthew Hicks
    MBA-Blast: Unveiling and Simplifying Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic ObfuscationUSENIX Security '21Binbin Liu, Junfu Shen, Jiang Ming, Qilong Zheng, Jing Li, Dongpeng Xu
    VScape: Assessing and Escaping Virtual Call ProtectionsUSENIX Security '21Kaixiang Chen, Chao Zhang, Tingting Yin, Xingman Chen, Lei Zhao
    DRMI: A Dataset Reduction Technology based on Mutual Information for Black-box AttacksUSENIX Security '21Yingzhe He, Guozhu Meng, Kai Chen, Xingbo Hu, Jinwen He
    GForce: GPU-Friendly Oblivious and Rapid Neural Network InferenceUSENIX Security '21Lucien K. L. Ng, Sherman S. M. Chow
    Pretty Good Phone PrivacyUSENIX Security '21Paul Schmitt, Barath Raghavan
    Precise and Scalable Detection of Use-after-Compacting-Garbage-Collection BugsUSENIX Security '21HyungSeok Han, Andrew Wesie, Brian Pak
    Deep-Dup: An Adversarial Weight Duplication Attack Framework to Crush Deep Neural Network in Multi-Tenant FPGAUSENIX Security '21Adnan Siraj Rakin, Yukui Luo, Xiaolin Xu, Deliang Fan
    Communication–Computation Trade-offs in PIRUSENIX Security '21Asra Ali, Tancrède Lepoint, Sarvar Patel, Mariana Raykova, Phillipp Schoppmann, Karn Seth, Kevin Yeo