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    "I Thought I Was Being Strong with a Complicated Person": The Tales of Intimate Gender-Based Online Abuse in the Global SouthEnigma 2021Sofía Celi
    Breaking Trust – Shades of Crisis Across an Insecure Software Supply ChainEnigma 2021Trey Herr
    The Practical Divide between Adversarial ML Research and Security Practice: A Red Team PerspectiveEnigma 2021Hyrum Anderson
    The State of 0-Day in-the-Wild ExploitationEnigma 2021Maddie Stone
    Contact TracingEnigma 2021Ben Adida, Mike Judd, Ali Lange, Tiffany C. Li, Marcel Salathé
    Privacy and Security Nutrition Labels to Inform IoT ConsumersEnigma 2021Pardis Emami-Naeini
    Privacy, Measurably, Isn't DeadEnigma 2021Patrick Kelley
    Implementing Differential Privacy for the 2020 CensusEnigma 2021Simson Garfinkel
    Gone, But Not "Forgotten"—Technical & Practical Challenges In Operationalizing Modern Privacy RightsEnigma 2021Kelly Huang
    No Data, No Problem—Giving Nuclear Inspectors Better Tools without Revealing State SecretsEnigma 2021Mitch Negus
    A Quest for the Physics of CyberspaceEnigma 2021Julian Rrushi
    A Sound Mind in a Vulnerable Body: Practical Hardware Attacks on Deep LearningEnigma 2021Sanghyun Hong
    Hardware: A Double-Edged Sword for SecurityEnigma 2021Nicole Fern
    The Full Stack Problem of Election SecurityEnigma 2021Jack Cable
    The Adventurous Tale of Online Voting in SwitzerlandEnigma 2021Dr. Christian Folini
    Security & U.S. Political Campaigns: A Study & Expert RoundtableEnigma 2021Sunny Consolvo
    Is Cyber War Legal: A Four Hundred Year RetrospectiveEnigma 2021Scott Shapiro
    It's a Trap! How Abstractions Have Failed Us.SREcon20 AmericasAndré Henry
    Panel: Learning from Adaptations to CoronavirusSREcon20 AmericasNora Jones, Fred Hebert, Lorin Hochstein, Vanessa Huerta Granda
    Capacity Planning and Performance Enhancement with Page Reference SamplingSREcon20 AmericasDanny Chen
    Achieving Mutual TLS: Secure Pod-to-Pod Communication Without the HassleSREcon20 AmericasMark Hahn, Thomas Hahn
    Weeks of Debugging Can Save You Hours of TLA+SREcon20 AmericasMarkus A. Kuppe
    Achieving the Ultimate Performance with KVMSREcon20 AmericasBoyan Krosnov
    A Bartender's Guide to Network MonitoringSREcon20 AmericasJohn Blaho
    Hot Swap Your Datastore: A Practical Approach and Lessons LearnedSREcon20 AmericasRaj Shekhar, Mehmet Can Kurt