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    GIFT: A Coupon Based Throttle-and-Reward Mechanism for Fair and Efficient I/O Bandwidth Management on Parallel Storage SystemsFAST '20Tirthak Patel, Rohan Garg, Devesh Tiwari
    Uncovering Access, Reuse, and Sharing Characteristics of I/O-Intensive Files on Large-Scale Production HPC SystemsFAST '20Tirthak Patel, Suren Byna, Glenn K. Lockwood, Nicholas J. Wright, Philip Carns, Robert Ross, Devesh Tiwari
    BCW: Buffer-Controlled Writes to HDDs for SSD-HDD Hybrid Storage ServerFAST '20Shucheng Wang, Ziyi Lu, Qiang Cao, Hong Jiang, Jie Yao, Yuanyuan Dong, Puyuan Yang
    CRaft: An Erasure-coding-supported Version of Raft for Reducing Storage Cost and Network CostFAST '20Zizhong Wang, Tongliang Li, Haixia Wang, Airan Shao, Yunren Bai, Shangming Cai, Zihan Xu, Dongsheng Wang
    FPGA-Accelerated Compactions for LSM-based Key-Value StoreFAST '20Teng Zhang, Jianying Wang, Xuntao Cheng, Hao Xu, Nanlong Yu, Gui Huang, Tieying Zhang, Dengcheng He, Feifei Li, Wei Cao, Zhongdong Huang, Jianling Sun
    Making Disk Failure Predictions SMARTer!FAST '20Sidi Lu, Bing Luo, Tirthak Patel, Yongtao Yao, Devesh Tiwari, Weisong Shi
    Hybrid Data Reliability for Emerging Key-Value Storage DevicesFAST '20Rekha Pitchumani, Yang-suk Kee
    An Empirical Guide to the Behavior and Use of Scalable Persistent MemoryFAST '20Jian Yang, Juno Kim, Morteza Hoseinzadeh, Joseph Izraelevitz, Steve Swanson
    The Abuse Uncertainty Principle, and Other Lessons Learned from Measuring Abuse on the InternetEnigma 2020David Freeman
    Reservist Model: Distributed Approach to Scaling Incident ResponseEnigma 2020Swathi Joshi
    Adventures with Cybercrime Toolkits: Insights for Pragmatic DefenseEnigma 2020Birhanu Eshete
    Cybercrime: Getting beyond Analog Cops and Digital RobbersEnigma 2020Mieke Eoyang
    The State of the StalkerwareEnigma 2020Eva Galperin
    Internet Infrastructure Security: A Casualty of Laissez-Faire and Multistakeholderism?Enigma 2020Laurin B. Weissinger
    Trustworthy ElectionsEnigma 2020Joey Dodds
    DisinformationEnigma 2020
    Next-Generation SecureDrop: Protecting Journalists from MalwareEnigma 2020Jennifer Helsby
    Eyes in Your Child's Bedroom: Exploiting Child Data Risks with Smart ToysEnigma 2020Sanchari Das
    Public Records in the Digital Age: Can They Save Lives?Enigma 2020Kathryn Kosmides
    The Browser Privacy Arms Race: Which Browsers Actually Protect Your Privacy?Enigma 2020Andrés Arrieta
    Privacy at Speed: Privacy by Design for Agile Development at UberEnigma 2020Engin Bozdag
    Stop Failing. Start Building for Humanity.Enigma 2020Lea Kissner
    How Anonymous Is My Anonymized Data?Enigma 2020Matt Bishop
    Platform Data Privacy & Security Strategies for Public Interest ResearchEnigma 2020Steven Buccini
    All Security Is Good(s): Design Guidance for EconomicsEnigma 2020L Jean Camp