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    "If I could do this, I feel anyone could:" The Design and Evaluation of a Secondary Authentication Factor ManagerUSENIX Security '23Garrett Smith, Tarun Yadav, Jonathan Dutson, Scott Ruoti, Kent Seamons
    Generative Intrusion Detection and Prevention on Data StreamUSENIX Security '23HyungBin Seo, MyungKeun Yoon
    ARGUS: A Framework for Staged Static Taint Analysis of GitHub Workflows and ActionsUSENIX Security '23Siddharth Muralee, Igibek Koishybayev, Aleksandr Nahapetyan, Greg Tystahl, Brad Reaves, Antonio Bianchi, William Enck, Alexandros Kapravelos, Aravind Machiry
    Mitigating Security Risks in Linux with KLAUS: A Method for Evaluating Patch CorrectnessUSENIX Security '23Yuhang Wu, Zhenpeng Lin, Yueqi Chen, Dang K Le, Dongliang Mu, Xinyu Xing
    A Large-Scale Measurement of Website Login PoliciesUSENIX Security '23Suood Al Roomi, Frank Li
    Your Exploit is Mine: Instantly Synthesizing Counterattack Smart ContractUSENIX Security '23Zhuo Zhang, Zhiqiang Lin, Marcelo Morales, Xiangyu Zhang, Kaiyuan Zhang
    Is Your Wallet Snitching On You? An Analysis on the Privacy Implications of Web3USENIX Security '23Christof Ferreira Torres, Fiona Willi, Shweta Shinde
    Cookie Crumbles: Breaking and Fixing Web Session IntegrityUSENIX Security '23Marco Squarcina, Pedro Adão, Lorenzo Veronese, Matteo Maffei
    Smart Learning to Find Dumb ContractsUSENIX Security '23Tamer Abdelaziz, Aquinas Hobor
    Auditory Eyesight: Demystifying μs-Precision Keystroke Tracking Attacks on Unconstrained Keyboard InputsUSENIX Security '23Yazhou Tu, Liqun Shan, Md Imran Hossen, Sara Rampazzi, Kevin Butler, Xiali Hei
    PET: Prevent Discovered Errors from Being Triggered in the Linux KernelUSENIX Security '23Zicheng Wang, Yueqi Chen, Qingkai Zeng
    Confusum Contractum: Confused Deputy Vulnerabilities in Ethereum Smart ContractsUSENIX Security '23Fabio Gritti, Nicola Ruaro, Robert McLaughlin, Priyanka Bose, Dipanjan Das, Ilya Grishchenko, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna
    Hard-label Black-box Universal Adversarial Patch AttackUSENIX Security '23Guanhong Tao, Shengwei An, Siyuan Cheng, Guangyu Shen, Xiangyu Zhang
    Erebus: Access Control for Augmented Reality SystemsUSENIX Security '23Yoonsang Kim, Sanket Goutam, Amir Rahmati, Arie Kaufman
    Rethinking System Audit Architectures for High Event Coverage and Synchronous Log AvailabilityUSENIX Security '23Varun Gandhi, Sarbartha Banerjee, Aniket Agrawal, Adil Ahmad, Sangho Lee, Marcus Peinado
    ACTOR: Action-Guided Kernel FuzzingUSENIX Security '23Marius Fleischer, Dipanjan Das, Priyanka Bose, Weiheng Bai, Kangjie Lu, Mathias Payer, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna
    A Verified Confidential Computing as a Service Framework for Privacy PreservationUSENIX Security '23Hongbo Chen, Haobin Hiroki Chen, Mingshen Sun, Kang Li, Zhaofeng Chen, XiaoFeng Wang
    AEX-Notify: Thwarting Precise Single-Stepping Attacks through Interrupt Awareness for Intel SGX EnclavesUSENIX Security '23Scott Constable, Jo Van Bulck, Xiang Cheng, Yuan Xiao, Cedric Xing, Ilya Alexandrovich, Taesoo Kim, Frank Piessens, Mona Vij, Mark Silberstein
    UCBlocker: Unwanted Call Blocking Using Anonymous AuthenticationUSENIX Security '23Changlai Du, Hexuan Yu, Yang Xiao, Y. Thomas Hou, Angelos D. Keromytis, Wenjing Lou
    ASSET: Robust Backdoor Data Detection Across a Multiplicity of Deep Learning ParadigmsUSENIX Security '23Minzhou Pan, Yi Zeng, Lingjuan Lyu, Xue Lin, Ruoxi Jia
    VILLAIN: Backdoor Attacks Against Vertical Split LearningUSENIX Security '23Yijie Bai, Yanjiao Chen, Hanlei Zhang, Wenyuan Xu, Haiqin Weng, Dou Goodman
    SAFER: Efficient and Error-Tolerant Binary InstrumentationUSENIX Security '23Soumyakant Priyadarshan, Huan Nguyen, Rohit Chouhan, R. Sekar
    Collide+Power: Leaking Inaccessible Data with Software-based Power Side ChannelsUSENIX Security '23Andreas Kogler, Jonas Juffinger, Lukas Giner, Lukas Gerlach, Martin Schwarzl, Michael Schwarz, Daniel Gruss, Stefan Mangard
    GigaDORAM: Breaking the Billion Address BarrierUSENIX Security '23
    Reversing, Breaking, and Fixing the French Legislative Election E-Voting ProtocolUSENIX Security '23Alexandre Debant, Lucca Hirschi