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    Embracing the Multi-Party Dilemma: Incident Response Across Company BoundariesSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaSarah Butt, Alex Elman
    Artificial Intelligence: How Much Will It Cost You?SREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaTodd Underwood
    Cache Me If You Can: How Grafana Labs Scaled Up Their Memcached 42x & Improved ReliabilitySREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaDanny Kopping
    When One Line Took Thousands of Websites OfflineSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaFrancisco Borges Aurindo Barros, Jack Henschel
    HTTP Headers that Make Your Website Go FasterSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaThijs Feryn
    The World Blew Up but We’re All Okay: How We Managed a Massive-scale Incident at DatadogSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaLaura de Vesine, Laurent Bernaille
    Cloud, Kubernetes, and Service Networking - Taming the TurtlesSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaMatt Turner
    Tracing the Journey into Distributed TracingSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaPedro Alves
    SRE for [cyber]securitySREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaNicolas Fischbach
    Designing Matrix: A Global Decentralised End-to-End Encrypted Communication NetworkSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaMatthew Hodgson
    Scaling Chef EmotionallySREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaBrett Pemberton
    The Engineer/Manager Pendulum Goes MainstreamSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaCharity Majors
    Do Not Thrash the Node.js Event LoopSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaMatteo Collina
    Scale Your Future: An Immersive Engineering ProgrammeSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaRadha Kumari, Margarita Glushkova, Berkeli Halmyradov
    Deploying and Debugging HTTP/3SREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaRobin Marx
    Over, Under, Around, and Through: A Detailed Comparison of QUIC and HTTP/3 Application Mapping vs. Protocol EncapsulationSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaLucas Pardue
    New Grads Becoming New SREs: Catalyzing a “Circle of Life” in IrelandSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaJennifer Petoff, Catalina Rete
    Reliable Data for Large ML Models: Principles and PracticesSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaMary McGlohon
    Implementing SRE in a Telco with Reliability Enhancing ProceduresSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaFlorian Kammermann, Romain Bonjour
    From Sysadmins to (almost) Flying UnicornsSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaGuillaume Hérail, Gilberto Müller
    Symptom-based Alerting for Machine Learning - What I Learned from Monitoring More than 30 Machine Learning Use CasesSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaLina Weichbrodt
    Building a 5-Exaflop Supercomputer for Meta-AI Research and Supporting Large-Scale Model Training with a Small Distributed Software and Production Engineering TeamSREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaKalyan Saladi, Chris Bray
    eBPF Superpowers for SRESREcon23 Europe/Middle East/AfricaLiz Rice
    Privacy Requirements and Realities of Digital Public GoodsPEPR '23Geetika Gopi
    Confirmation Bias in the Privacy Profession: Common Misreading of the NIST Privacy FrameworkPEPR '23Nandita Rao Narla, R. Jason Cronk