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    Network Fault Finding System: Packet Loss TriangulationLISA19Jose Leitao, Daniel Rodriguez
    Enabling Invisible Infrastructure Upgrades with Automated Canary AnalysisLISA19Adam McKenna
    Pulling the Puppet Strings with AnsibleLISA19Brian J. Atkisson
    Pardon the Interposition—Modifying and Improving Software Behavior with InterposersLISA19Danny Chen
    Multi-Architecture Container Images: Why Bother, and How ToLISA19Lisa Seelye
    Off the Beaten Path: Moving Observability Focus from Your Service to Your CustomerLISA19Mohit Suley
    Token Up: Keeping Hands out of the Cookie JarLISA19Erin Browning
    Storytelling for EngineersLISA19Bradley Shively
    Let Your Software Supply Chain Ride with Kubernetes CI/CDLISA19Ricardo Aravena
    Wide Event AnalyticsLISA19Igor Wiedler
    Multi-GPU Accelerated Processing of Time-Series Data of Huge Academic Backbone Network in ELK StackLISA19Ruo Ando
    Earthquakes, Forest Fires, and Your Next Production IncidentLISA19Alex Hidalgo
    How Math, Science, and Star Trek Help Us Understand the Value of Team DiversityLISA19Fredric Mitchell
    Deep Dive into Kubernetes Internals for Builders and OperatorsLISA19Jérôme Petazzoni
    Fuzzy Lines: Aligning Teams to Monitor Your Application EcosystemLISA19Kim Schlesinger, Sarah Zelechoski
    In Search of Security Shangri-laLISA19Rich Smith
    The Container Operator's ManualLISA19Alice Goldfuss
    Lightning TalksLISA19
    Applicable and Achievable Formal VerificationSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaHeidy Khlaaf
    Fault Tree Analysis Applied to Apache KafkaSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaAndrey Falko
    SRE in the Third AgeSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaBjörn Rabenstein
    How to SRE When Everything's Already on FireSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaAlex Hidalgo, Alex Lee
    Hiring Great SREsSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaBrian Rutkin
    Evolution of Observability Tools at PinterestSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaNaoman Abbas
    Expect the Unexpected: Preparing SRE Teams for Responding to Novel FailuresSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaJohn Arthorne