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    Fast, Available, Catastrophically Failing? Safely Avoiding Behavioral Incidents in Complex Production SystemsSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaRamin Keene
    Zero Touch Prod: Towards Safer and More Secure Production EnvironmentsSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaMichał Czapiński, Rainer Wolafka
    All of Our ML Ideas Are Bad (and We Should Feel Bad)SREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaTodd Underwood
    Network Monitor: A Tale of ACKnowledging an Observability GapSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaJason Gedge
    My Life as a Solo SRESREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaBrian Murphy
    Eventually Consistent Service DiscoverySREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaSuhail Patel
    From Nothing to SRE: Practical Guidance on Implementing SRE in Smaller OrganisationsSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaMatthew Huxtable
    Control Theory for SRESREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaTed Hahn, Mark Hahn
    Being Reasonable about SRESREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaVit Urbanec
    Building a Scalable Monitoring SystemSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaMolly Struve
    The Unmonitored Failure Domain: Mental HealthSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaJaime Woo
    Support Operations Engineering: Scaling Developer Products to the MillionsSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaJunade Ali
    Latency SLOs Done RightSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaHeinrich Hartmann
    A Tale of Two Rotations: Building a Humane & Effective On-CallSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaNick Lee
    SLOs for Data-Intensive ServicesSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaYoann Fouquet
    A Systems Approach to Safety and CybersecuritySREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaNancy Leveson
    The SRE I Aspire to BeSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/AfricaYaniv Aknin
    Lightning TalksSREcon19 Europe/Middle East/Africa
    Shining Light on Internet-based Crimes Against Children USENIX Security '19Brian Levine
    Baby Steps towards the Precipice: How the Web Became a Scary Place and How We Can Fix ItUSENIX Security '19Artur Janc
    Lessons Learned from Evaluating the Robustness of Defenses to Adversarial ExamplesUSENIX Security '19Nicholas Carlini
    The Spies Hacking our Phones are Going Dark, and We're All in TroubleUSENIX Security '19John Scott-Railton, Bill Marczak
    From Privacy by Design to Data Protection by Design: The Challenges of Turning Good Practice into a Legal ObligationUSENIX Security '19Achim Klabunde
    Security Research and Public PolicyUSENIX Security '19Chris Jay Hoofnagle
    Evaluating Mobile Messengers for Implementation VulnerabilitiesUSENIX Security '19Natalie Silvanovich