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    Evolvable Network Telemetry at FacebookNSDI '22Yang Zhou, Ying Zhang, Minlan Yu, Guangyu Wang, Dexter Cao, Eric Sung, Starsky Wong
    A Fresh Look at Operational DebtSREcon22 AmericasDavid Owczarek
    The Scientific Method for ResilienceSREcon22 AmericasChristina Yakomin
    DO, RE, Me: Measuring the Effectiveness of Site Reliability EngineeringSREcon22 AmericasDave Stanke
    Emergent Organizational Failure: Five DisconnectionsSREcon22 AmericasMattie Toia
    Modeling Alert QualitySREcon22 AmericasMoshe Zadka
    Principled Performance AnalyticsSREcon22 AmericasNarayan Desai, Brent Bryan
    Improving How We Observe Our Observability Data: Techniques for SREsSREcon22 AmericasDan Shoop
    Using Serverless Functions for Real-time ObservabilitySREcon22 AmericasLiz Fong-Jones, Jessica Kerr
    History-based Latency Prober TuningSREcon22 AmericasJeff Borwey
    Dark Sky Camping: Reducing Alert Pollution with Modern Observability PracticesSREcon22 AmericasKristin Smith
    Beyond Distributed TracingSREcon22 AmericasKyusoon Lee
    Exemplars in Practice: Finding the Needle in Your Observability HaystackSREcon22 AmericasGibbs Cullen
    Ten-year Journey to 10,000 Production MachinesSREcon22 AmericasRob Hirschfeld
    Triaging Real-time Security Threats with eBPF-powered ObservabilitySREcon22 AmericasDaniel Kim, Robert Prast
    How the Metrics Backend Works at DatadogSREcon22 AmericasAdam Mckaig, Tahia Khan
    Automated Operating System and Environment Certification at LinkedIn—Reducing Toil and Increasing VelocitySREcon22 AmericasAdam Debus
    Building a Path to the Future: Mentoring New SREsSREcon22 AmericasChastity Blackwell
    SRE stands for...Skydiving Resilience EngineerSREcon22 AmericasVictor Lei
    eBPF: The Next Power Tool of SREsSREcon22 AmericasMichael Kehoe
    The Future of above-the-line ToolingSREcon22 AmericasRichard I. Cook, John Allspaw
    Are We There Yet? Metrics-Driven Prioritization for Your Reliability RoadmapSREcon22 AmericasChristina Tan, Mindy Stevenson
    Securing Your Software Delivery Chain with Process AuditingSREcon22 AmericasShaun Mouton
    Tracing Bare Metal with OpenTelemetrySREcon22 AmericasAmy Tobey, Shelby Spees
    Taking the 737 to the MaxSREcon22 AmericasNickolas Means