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    Bad Metrics and Very Bad DecisionsPEPR '23Lea Kissner
    Designing the Pilot Release of Israel's National Registry of Live Births: Reconciling Privacy with Accuracy and UsabilityPEPR '23Shlomi Hod
    Per-Record Privacy and Its Application to Heavy-Tailed Economic DataPEPR '23William Sexton
    Communicating Differential Privacy Guarantees to Data SubjectsPEPR '23Priyanka Nanayakkara
    Plume: Differential Privacy at ScalePEPR '23Alex Kulesza
    How to Break, Then Fix, Differential Privacy on Finite ComputersPEPR '23Damien Desfontaines, Samuel Haney
    Demystifying Access Control in the Modern Data WarehousePEPR '23Viraj Thakur
    Algorithmic Transparency in Personalized Advertising: Learnings from Building "Why Am I Seeing This Ad?"PEPR '23Xuanting Cai, Rajesh Shenoy, Anuj Gupta
    WhatsApp Key TransparencyPEPR '23Kevin Lewi
    Counting with STAR: Shipping a Privacy-Preserving Telemetry System to Millions of UsersPEPR '23Shivan Kaul Sahib
    Designing a Private Logging PipelinePEPR '23Mekhola Mukherjee, Thomas Vannet
    Automated Analysis of Protocols that use Authenticated Encryption: How Subtle AEAD Differences can impact Protocol SecurityUSENIX Security '23Cas Cremers, Alexander Dax, Charlie Jacomme, Mang Zhao
    A Two-Decade Retrospective Analysis of a University's Vulnerability to Attacks Exploiting Reused PasswordsUSENIX Security '23Alexandra Nisenoff, Maximilian Golla, Miranda Wei, Juliette Hainline, Hayley Szymanek, Annika Braun, Annika Hildebrandt, Blair Christensen, David Langenberg, Blase Ur
    All cops are broadcasting: TETRA under scrutinyUSENIX Security '23Carlo Meijer, Wouter Bokslag, Jos Wetzels
    Anatomy of a High-Profile Data Breach: Dissecting the Aftermath of a Crypto-Wallet CaseUSENIX Security '23Svetlana Abramova, Rainer Böhme
    Near-Optimal Oblivious Key-Value Stores for Efficient PSI, PSU and Volume-Hiding Multi-MapsUSENIX Security '23Alexander Bienstock, Sarvar Patel, Joon Young Seo, Kevin Yeo
    Lost in Conversion: Exploit Data Structure Conversion with Attribute Loss to Break Android SystemsUSENIX Security '23Rui Li, Wenrui Diao, Shishuai Yang, Xiangyu Liu, Shanqing Guo, Kehuan Zhang
    Tight Auditing of Differentially Private Machine LearningUSENIX Security '23Milad Nasr, Jamie Hayes, Thomas Steinke, Borja Balle, Florian Tramèr, Matthew Jagielski, Nicholas Carlini, Andreas Terzis
    SQIRL: Grey-Box Detection of SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Using Reinforcement LearningUSENIX Security '23Salim Al Wahaibi, Myles Foley, Sergio Maffeis
    FedVal: Different good or different bad in federated learningUSENIX Security '23Viktor Valadi, Xinchi Qiu, Pedro Porto Buarque de Gusmão, Nicholas D. Lane, Mina Alibeigi
    Remote Direct Memory IntrospectionUSENIX Security '23Hongyi Liu, Jiarong Xing, Yibo Huang, Danyang Zhuo, Srinivas Devadas, Ang Chen
    Continuous Learning for Android Malware DetectionUSENIX Security '23Yizheng Chen, Zhoujie Ding, David Wagner
    Inception: Exposing New Attack Surfaces with Training in Transient ExecutionUSENIX Security '23Daniël Trujillo, Johannes Wikner, Kaveh Razavi
    A Hybrid Alias Analysis and Its Application to Global Variable Protection in the Linux KernelUSENIX Security '23Guoren Li, Hang Zhang, Jinmeng Zhou, Wenbo Shen, Yulei Sui, Zhiyun Qian
    Unique Identification of 50,000+ Virtual Reality Users from Head & Hand Motion DataUSENIX Security '23Vivek Nair, Wenbo Guo, Justus Mattern, Rui Wang, James F. O'Brien, Louis Rosenberg, Dawn Song