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    Trojan Source: Invisible VulnerabilitiesUSENIX Security '23Nicholas Boucher, Ross Anderson
    ARMore: Pushing Love Back Into BinariesUSENIX Security '23Luca Di Bartolomeo, Hossein Moghaddas, Mathias Payer
    ProSpeCT: Provably Secure Speculation for the Constant-Time PolicyUSENIX Security '23Lesly-Ann Daniel, Marton Bognar, Job Noorman, Sébastien Bardin, Tamara Rezk, Frank Piessens
    Exorcising "Wraith": Protecting LiDAR-based Object Detector in Automated Driving System from Appearing AttacksUSENIX Security '23Qifan Xiao, Xudong Pan, Yifan Lu, Mi Zhang, Jiarun Dai, Min Yang
    GAP: Differentially Private Graph Neural Networks with Aggregation PerturbationUSENIX Security '23Sina Sajadmanesh, Ali Shahin Shamsabadi, Aurélien Bellet, Daniel Gatica-Perez
    SandDriller: A Fully-Automated Approach for Testing Language-Based JavaScript SandboxesUSENIX Security '23Abdullah AlHamdan, Cristian-Alexandru Staicu
    Catch You and I Can: Revealing Source Voiceprint Against Voice ConversionUSENIX Security '23Jiangyi Deng, Yanjiao Chen, Yinan Zhong, Qianhao Miao, Xueluan Gong, Wenyuan Xu
    How the Great Firewall of China Detects and Blocks Fully Encrypted TrafficUSENIX Security '23Mingshi Wu, Jackson Sippe, Danesh Sivakumar, Jack Burg, Peter Anderson, Xiaokang Wang, Kevin Bock, Amir Houmansadr, Dave Levin, Eric Wustrow
    Pool-Party: Exploiting Browser Resource Pools for Web TrackingUSENIX Security '23Peter Snyder, Soroush Karami, Arthur Edelstein, Benjamin Livshits, Hamed Haddadi
    The Role of Professional Product Reviewers in Evaluating Security and PrivacyUSENIX Security '23Wentao Guo, Jason Walter, Michelle L. Mazurek
    Near-Ultrasound Inaudible Trojan (Nuit): Exploiting Your Speaker to Attack Your MicrophoneUSENIX Security '23Qi Xia, Qian Chen, Shouhuai Xu
    Bilingual Problems: Studying the Security Risks Incurred by Native Extensions in Scripting LanguagesUSENIX Security '23Cristian-Alexandru Staicu, Sazzadur Rahaman, Ágnes Kiss, Michael Backes
    Ultimate SLH: Taking Speculative Load Hardening to the Next LevelUSENIX Security '23Zhiyuan Zhang, Gilles Barthe, Chitchanok Chuengsatiansup, Peter Schwabe, Yuval Yarom
    Intender: Fuzzing Intent-Based Networking with Intent-State Transition GuidanceUSENIX Security '23Jiwon Kim, Benjamin E. Ujcich, Dave (Jing) Tian
    Oops..! I Glitched It Again! How to Multi-Glitch the Glitching-Protections on ARM TrustZone-MUSENIX Security '23Xhani Marvin Saß, Richard Mitev, Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
    No Single Silver Bullet: Measuring the Accuracy of Password Strength MetersUSENIX Security '23Ding Wang, Xuan Shan, Qiying Dong, Yaosheng Shen, Chunfu Jia
    Place Your Locks Well: Understanding and Detecting Lock Misuse BugsUSENIX Security '23Yuandao Cai, Peisen Yao, Chengfeng Ye, Charles Zhang
    Three Lessons From Threema: Analysis of a Secure MessengerUSENIX Security '23Kenneth G. Paterson, Matteo Scarlata, Kien Tuong Truong
    One Size Does not Fit All: Quantifying the Risk of Malicious App Encounters for Different Android User ProfilesUSENIX Security '23Savino Dambra, Leyla Bilge, Platon Kotzias, Yun Shen, Juan Caballero
    “Security is not my field, I’m a stats guy”: A Qualitative Root Cause Analysis of Barriers to Adversarial Machine Learning Defenses in IndustryUSENIX Security '23Jaron Mink, Harjot Kaur, Juliane Schmüser, Sascha Fahl, Yasemin Acar
    BoKASAN: Binary-only Kernel Address Sanitizer for Effective Kernel FuzzingUSENIX Security '23Mingi Cho, Dohyeon An, Hoyong Jin, Taekyoung Kwon
    The Blockchain Imitation GameUSENIX Security '23Kaihua Qin, Stefanos Chaliasos, Liyi Zhou, Benjamin Livshits, Dawn Song, Arthur Gervais
    We Really Need to Talk About Session Tickets: A Large-Scale Analysis of Cryptographic Dangers with TLS Session TicketsUSENIX Security '23Sven Hebrok, Simon Nachtigall, Marcel Maehren, Nurullah Erinola, Robert Merget, Juraj Somorovsky, Jörg Schwenk
    Duoram: A Bandwidth-Efficient Distributed ORAM for 2- and 3-Party ComputationUSENIX Security '23Adithya Vadapalli, Ryan Henry, Ian Goldberg
    Diving into Robocall Content with SnorCallUSENIX Security '23Sathvik Prasad, Trevor Dunlap, Alexander Ross, Bradley Reaves